Apple iPad mini review: One for the road

09 November 2012
Wait, did hell just freeze over? Maybe a couple of degrees cooler? Rumors of a mini version of the iPad had been laughed at, dodged and denied - not necessarily in that order and often all at once. But here it is - the iPad mini is finally a reality...

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  • vvvv

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2012Note 2 is definetly better choice...for what ?

  • angel

now we will see here a lot of comments from....
Samsung fans:))) lol

  • fonehunter

definitely a better review!!

  • z

those android tablets got a huge boarder to it, look so stupid.

ps: not a fan of all tablets, apple and android.

  • Pragnesh

The last line of the review says it all. (the choice is really between sensible and fancy, cheaper and apple at the back) It is you to decide want be sensible and get fancy and cheaper tablet or want a Apple logo at the back. I choose being sensible and you?

  • l30pard

apple is just bullshitting now. same shit in different sizes. its going way down then its competitor. stop suing other n start to make some difference.
After Steve jobs, apple's got nothing.

  • mr.J

Useless. If stumble a place with no wifi, ended up playing games.

  • Anonymous

rubbish ...

  • jtv

to those who are thinking of buying this, rumors about ipad mini retina are already out. and we all know that rumors about apple were always right since it is their chinese factory workers who are leaking these information for money. maybe march it will be announced and released. you might as well wait.

  • DingDong

Ted, 09 Nov 2012well, Apple will sell whatever they put to the market, sadly but... moreAnd why u not say Samsung stupid when have new phone every month with same design , same name and same spec ??

  • lei71091

smaller ipad 2...just the size matter, not worth for it. I m certainly will go for nexus 7 if i want 7 inch tablet and go for ipad 4 if i wan an ipad.

  • soja

another money wasting piece of junk. already sold millions ha ha god bless u buyers

  • Boon

Thanks gsmarena for your review.

It is one of the most balanced of the web.
Perhaps I could add that the best iPad actually is iPad 3
It's the one bring best screen and speed for the buck.

Anyway, you said this nicely, this mini is just a prequel of The real mini with retina and a6x

But apple is ainmed toward CA$H so they prefer use apple pigeon fan base for selling half backed product.

  • fonehunter

definitely a better review!!

  • Jack

I would rather have the Samsung 7.7 - can even make phone calls from it and although older and a little slower, where is the real advantage with the mini iPad - none.

  • Anonymous

Too expensive than the other tablets.

  • Anonymous

acrord32, 09 Nov 2012Dear GSMarena for a few days I have been entering to your site w... morewait for a proper review, gsmarena actually test the product unlike the rest ahherm engadget, verge bias rubbish

  • Anonymous

Note 2 is definetly better choice...

  • coolingx

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2012Its because idevices has a dedicated audio chip, while others ar... moreDo your research properly before posting, the Samsung galaxy s3, Note 2, and Note 10.1 comes with Wolfson DAC which is way better than the Cirrus DAC in idevices, Wolfson has much better measurement, less distortion and much cleaner audio experience. Idevices lack even basic customisable equalizer, you are stuck with what Apple gave you. I wonder when will all this apple fans wake up, Gosh! Flash a proper kernel to remove audio volume limitation by gov't law and no apple device comes even close in terms of audio quality to Galaxy

  • Android Man

well its like this. this device is a just a cheap ipad to go against nexus 7. but sadly not as good. nexus 7 is cheaper faster and has a better screen. so but then there will be another ipad out soon.