Apple iPad mini review: One for the road

09 November 2012
Wait, did hell just freeze over? Maybe a couple of degrees cooler? Rumors of a mini version of the iPad had been laughed at, dodged and denied - not necessarily in that order and often all at once. But here it is - the iPad mini is finally a reality...

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  • Anonymous

Someone, 10 Nov 2012I hate to break it to you folks but here's the reality. As th... morepeople who bought this device are:
1)people who have owned apple products before and HAVEN'T USED ANYTHING ELSE.
2)people who want to show off with their apple fruit logo.

  • million $ seeker

i need a million dollars asap

  • MrPetya19

It has only one speaker, the other is just fake. The mic is on the top if I know well.

  • p3numbra69

In an ideal world, the iPad mini would've been out at least a year ago and competing against something like the Samsung Galaxy 7.7

  • SN Shrestha

I am so thirsty waiting for it and it will be my 3rd Apple product and very satisfied.It is lighter and with LTE so perfect for my interest.

  • Anonymous

GSMArena, Google Nexus 10 review please!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

typical apple unreliable 3G data connectivity useless.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Why you angry man? Try to relax, dont get carried away. Its a fact that apple users have more temper and if you read lots of threads here you will see that apple users are the first ones to start using negative characteristics of other people.

We android users are much more relaxed and contended, we dont easily get upset. But that doesnt mean we cant point out weaknesses in other products, and for the mini theres too many bad things, its so below todays standards.

Afford? Well, statistics tell us that iphone users are much more likely to get their phones with sim lock and on a 24 month contract, so who cannot afford to buy what you said? You honestly think the rest of us cannot afford $199 for a 24 month contract iphone5? It didnt occur to you that we dont like the restricted OS and the tiny displays and all the weird things apple is feeding its fans? We already established that iphone5 is very cheap (for those who cannot afford to cash out a sim free phone), so the price is NOT the problem, so why isnt everyone using iphone? Its because its inferior.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2012But idevices has way much better audio quality because it comes ... moreIf you care so much about synthetic tests like THD and frequency response curves, then i wonder what phone do you have? Or what tablet?

THD is really a utterly useless test, as you cannot hear distortion below 0.1% on a pure sinus tone. The problem then again is that music is complex, so distortion disappears further, so in pure types of music people can hear distortion at 1%. For house and whatever music types that often includes white noise on synths and so on this threshold will be even higher.

Anyway, im happy that GSMArena isnt trying to judge the real world audio quality, better leave that to the audiophiles, it takes years and years of experience to objectively judge audio quality.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Nov 2012But idevices has way much better audio quality because it comes ... moreWhat! Apple is among the worst. That has been a fact since ipod first came out, it was heavily critisized for its cheap DAC and very low audio quality in earphones, and that as followed apple up untill now.

iphone5, new earbuds, how good are they, lets see a review?

"Audio performance is not terrible, but there's an obvious lack of sonic clarity in every facet of their output. Bass, treble and midrange all bleed into each other, creating a bit of a muddy mess just like Apple earbuds of old."

There is no value to be found here. Buy something else."­-fi-and-audio/headphones/apple-earpods-1097282/r­eview

  • Anonymous

Denzo, 10 Nov 2012Its a beautiful device.. simple, not the most gigabytes.. but it... moreSounds more like your beloved ipad is a woman with too much makeup, spending all her money on clothes to look better than she is, and when it comes to the grand first price theres too many restrictions.

  • Anonymous

coolingx, 09 Nov 2012Do your research properly before posting, the Samsung galaxy s3,... moreBut idevices has way much better audio quality because it comes with high quality earphones, and of course apple invented and the first to include audio chipset on a gadget.

  • Someone

I hate to break it to you folks but here's the reality.

As the review said, the iPad Mini has already sold MILLIONS.

It shows that Apple has produced what the general people want. Maybe not what YOU want.

Love it or hate it but Apple has ANOTHER hit on its hands.

  • marcos

Samsung 7.7 super amoled screen should be the one to compere with. It has a far much better screen, 16:9 ratio, sd slot, better cameras, faster processer and can even make phone calls! how about that!

  • Anonymous

Denzo, 10 Nov 2012Its a beautiful device.. simple, not the most gigabytes.. but it... moreare you gonna put lipstick and perfume on your iPad mini to? Gadgets do not compare to women so what have you been smoking? you gotta also justify the price over beauty, functionality and what it offers. Nexus 7 does that, cheaper, has more to offer and is still decent looking.

  • Denzo

Its a beautiful device.. simple, not the most gigabytes.. but its the most beautiful.. and the others dont understand we want something functional and pretty.

Just look at the opposite sex.. Id rather a pretty woman who is a bit stupid, than an ugly one who cleans good. Especially if its just for a quick, good time.

If my tablet is for a family this is different choice.. but tablet is just for fun.

  • Anonymous

GSMarena is playing safe by the ipad if you want style and brand over functionality and low cost

  • Anonymous

z, 10 Nov 2012those android tablets got a huge boarder to it, look so stupid. ... moreLMAO...those black borders allow users to properly hold device while gaming...
I have the nexus 7 and my dad recently got an ipad mini....because the display is so close to the edge...handling it pushes certain unwanted touchscreen while web browsing..i was clicking unwanted links when holding the device...
plus the durabiltiy...I can throw my nexus 7 anywhere...still after 4 months it looks rigid and new...the ipad back won't look the same after 6 months.
plus the screen is simply can see individual pixels.
not to forget the disadvantages of 4:3 aspect ratio.

i can fit the nexus 7 in my front or back pocket because of the carefully designed form factor...not so much with the ipad mini..

all i would say is that...for 249$ you get nexus 7 32gb
and the basic ipad mini 16 gb ill cost you 329+30(for lightning connector)= 359$ for 32gb it will be 459$.
this is US only increases by around 100$ in europe and other parts of the world...

plus ipad cannot match nexus 7 functionality which is way more preferred over a few tablet optimized apps.

  • Anonymous

just go buy a samsung galaxy s3 and be done with it


It does look gorgeous. But again, it's all form over function. Miracast is going to be the next big thing, and Apple with their closed eco system will miss out. They really need to start paying nicely with the rest of the kids or they will end up on their own.