Samsung I8190 Galaxy S III mini review: The Halfling

28 November 2012
Design and software experience coming straight from the most successful droid of all times, packed in a shell that's far easier to pocket. Now, who wouldn't want some of that? The Samsung Galaxy S III mini is the company's most premium compact Android smartphone and is here to prove...

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  • AnonD-83516

Who will buy this??
It's better to buy the I9100 SII instead

  • jtv

This costs about $400 in my country.
Xperia S and SL costs $360 and $370.

It doesn't even need common sense to decide what to get.

And a little bit more $ I can be able to grab an HTC OneX.
Stupid Samsung. All those sh**ty specs glittered in a premium price. WTF.

  • AnonD-82206

So pricy for S3mini i rather go get S2 or Samsung galaxy advance.

  • snakeim

I do own the SI9070P Advance and I find it more attractive that the SIII mini. I guess it's a question of taste, but side by side, although in real life the SIII looks was smaller than SIII advance, it's about the same size.Honestly, I am having both in my hand now and the S Advance looks better, has that Nexus look...front and back...
Anyway, will buy Motorola Razr I as I think they just came back with this model. I would prefer the Sony design (if only would fix the lag they have in every model) with a superamoled screen).Design: Sony are the best. Screens: Samsung's superamoled, Nokia's clear black,LG's Super LCD II, and Iphone 5.
Sometimes I am wondering, why no Android based model can't compete with the Iphone. Are they so blind to see what market really want?I bet we all would love a 4-4.2 inch screen (there is no way you want a bigger screen on a phone)with as less as they can bezel around the screen, not only sides but also upper & lower screen.It is a phone, in the end of the day! It's so easy to forget when we were chasing the smallest phone around....

  • AnonD-50210

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond" on the Music Widget on page 4. Internet brownie points for you GSMArena!
Oh, and I really don't think this phone's worth the cash. At least not for the expected price in India.

  • Zuk

Lg l9 is batter thn this.

  • AnonD-14841

come on Samsung
give it a 2000mah battery

that shall justify the price tag

  • AnonD-50083

Great. Another "spam message" in the phone market, again coming from Samsung!

  • AnonD-50083

Anonymous, 29 Nov 2012Don't rush it, the review will not be what the Nokia fans hope f... moreAs a matter of fact ALL reviews of the "Bezelbub" were positive.
By the way, "Bezelbub" won design awards (Lumia 900). What did your non-Bezelbub win?

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Don't rush it, the review will not be what the Nokia fans hope for.

There's so many reviews of 920 already, and they are not to excited about the Nokia Bezelbub 920, so the fans are hoping that gsmarena will be the ones to praise and worship the Bezelbub. But it's not gonna happen, Bezelbub is not fit to fight high end androids, it can't even outperform ip5.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-79514, 28 Nov 2012yeah Samsung is not apple! the price already dropped from 400$ t... moreOf course samsung is not apple! Apple can sell at a premium price for a long time and it will still sell. Samsung has to drop the price seeing no one is interested. Honestly, I would not buy this half baked wanna-be galaxy s3 phone even it was half the price that is at now. I think GSM was being too kind on this review.

  • AnonD-73055

I think that GT-i8160 should be mentioned in alternatives, as the spec are almost identical (LCD vs. AMOLED, 3.8" vs. 4") My GF uses it. Quite nice device actually. And it's much cheaper too.

  • AnonD-78450

Advance S i9070 has ambient light sensor so i think is better, rest is the same

  • AnonD-79514

AnonD-75645, 28 Nov 2012I thought this phone was a pathetic attempt from Samsung to make... moreyeah Samsung is not apple! the price already dropped from 400$ to 380$ in Lebanon! it will drop a lot more also! s advance lacks its nature ux ui with fast updates best battery and better performance in benchmarks!

  • luis

Like the reviewer said, this is basically a Galaxy S Advance feature set with the SIII looks but way more expensive. Personally I have the Galaxy S Advance and it's really a great smartphone for the money. Android JB is also a planned update so you can have the best of both worlds. Exterior design may be less appealing for some but it's enough for most.

  • AnonD-79577

A guileful attempt by Samsung to cash in on Galaxy S III's success. Very lame, at least given its price tag.

  • AnonD-77897

I think this model is quite good, but there must be some mistakes in pricing,,, samsung galaxy s advance is very much better than galaxy s3 mini in many aspects... and it is cheaper than s3 mini.­?IDs=-295069662_-595720588_&lang=en-us
that is why samsung phased out Samsung Galaxy S Advance,, to give way to this galaxy s3 mini...
I think Samsung should do something right about this... why should users bite this model,, where in,, SAMSUNG GALAXY S IV is on its way also early next year, thanks for this site,, i hope Samsung should know our side. peace

  • AnonD-75645

I thought this phone was a pathetic attempt from Samsung to make money, but this seams like a decent phone.

  • AnonD-79514

its battery also justifies the high price tag! amazing battery!

  • AnonD-79514

it is right now for 380$ in Lebanon after 2 days of its launch , it was for 400$ and directly dropped to 380!! so it might be very cheap soonlY! but it is really good with good screen ui os version updates performance and everything!except 1080p video recording however 720 is just good enough!