Nokia Lumia 520 review: Best buys

16 April 2013
The Lumia 520 completes the roll call for Nokia’s second generation of Microsoft-powered smartphones. Statistically, this means that every step of their product line, from 5** all the way to 9**, has been backed up by a fresh WP8...

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  • Anonymous

I am looking for the charging port for my Nokia Lumia 520 and the screen,

  • Bongani

Please help me what I must do,my phone windows phone 520,it always on the flight mode, when I try to changing it ,it refusing what I must do?

  • harry

AnonD-685636, 19 Jul 2017I am in narrator mode,how can I quit?first, press and hold the volume up button then press the start button, simple.

  • root

my phone is broken, I can't see anything in screen.
I need a specification about the screen (price).

  • John poto

How to boot my nokia lumia 520

  • AnonD-685636

I am in narrator mode,how can I quit?

  • Anonymous

It is very best and perfect phone i like this phone

  • AnonD-643743

reem, 30 Mar 2016i really want to know how is that feature called on the lum... moreThere's a third party app called Shazam. You'll have to download it from the store

  • hridoy

Nice phone.

  • Tia

How do you open the battery sim and memory card slot

  • Ri_S

alvi, 11 Oct 2015I am not able to download it shows (unable to downl... morePlease use different DOB In Account Information so that you can be above 18 To make Adult Account .!

  • ray

My lumina 520 is locked up with a sad smiley face What to do?

  • moradhossain


  • reem

i really want to know how is that feature called on the lumia 520 called, which allows u to have the phone lisen/ hearing music from another device so that u can look it up an be able to download it

  • Lumia-520-not-workin

I had bought Nokia Lumia 520 phone by flipkart in April 2014. Till date is was working fine and I handled it properly.
But suddenly one day, it has started showing "Unable to find a bootable option error. Press any key to shut down" and my phone is dead.

I am a very soft user, and there were no damages or action involved for this phone but it became dead.

I have contacted service center they said, it need to replace the motherboard, which will cost Rs. 3800/-.

I want to emphasize that, Its manufacturing defects and general issue of Nokia Lumia, where so many people are phasing this issue.
We buy Nokia phone as a brand but now we are getting disappointed of such results for a trusted brand.

I expect that "Nokia Lumia" must resolve such issue free of cost. Its software issue which is automatically and due to some factory defect.

  • alvi

I am not able to download it shows (unable to download please make family account)

  • rajkutty

my best ever lumia 520 i love it..........

  • paeh

Upgrade my fon

  • Anonymous

I really like that lumia520

  • Anonymous

Manoj Reddy , 30 Jan 2015Is Lumia 520 Can upgradable to windows phone 10.nop