Nokia Lumia 520 review: Best buys

16 April 2013
The Lumia 520 completes the roll call for Nokia’s second generation of Microsoft-powered smartphones. Statistically, this means that every step of their product line, from 5** all the way to 9**, has been backed up by a fresh WP8...

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  • Himanshu Upadhyay

Best Mobile which I ever bought. And its Hindi Keypad Super.... It has only one problem it's call recorder.please add call recorder.

  • sagar

You have to appreciate the looks and the hardware of this phone

  • sher mohhd jaral

I went bought phone Nokia window 510

  • sss suraj

jithy, 22 Oct 2014Phone is good. But very low battery to increase ... moreHey jithy its simple your mobile batteri terminals attached to external 12v battery and now your mobile batteri backup increases

  • AnonD-385330

Hello Friends please dont download wp10 update from windows insider for now it has lots of bugs on my lumia520 eg : No Sim error, phone lags a lot, menu not responding and problem goes on and on only solution i found was to revert back to wp8.1 with "Windows Phone Recovery Tool" which was around 1.5gb file and wasted a total of around 4 hrs in all this update and recovery process.No doubt looks and other function improved alot on wp10 but basic functions were not working :).Its a "WARNING" but its your phone do what you like.

  • AnonD-384869

Its really very good mobile......

  • Anonymous

Sam, 25 Feb 2015Been using this phone for well over a year. Don't feel the ... morehmm,this phone is super

  • Sam

Been using this phone for well over a year. Don't feel the need to upgrade. love this phone.

  • abhi

jithy, 22 Oct 2014Phone is good. But very low battery to increase ... moreDownload the latest battery saver app, it increases some battery alive.

  • rock jit

AnonD-258310, 02 Feb 2015Is this phone upgradable to windows 10?Ya bro it can be able to update wm10....

  • rock jit

Such a nice mobile.....but if it have led flash so then hopefully the phone get us a great experience......thanks Nokia....

  • AnonD-258310

Is this phone upgradable to windows 10?

  • Manoj Reddy

Is Lumia 520 Can upgradable to windows phone 10.

  • samiran

How i can install my apps?plz help

  • AnonD-246216

This phone offers a lot of bang for your buck. You won't be disappointed with this one.

  • jr.ade

Hi. I just bought a Nokia lumia 520 on eBay and When i purchased it, it Saïd it sas unlocked. Now, i want to use it but When i insert m'y micro sim in thé sim slot and turn it on, it says no service. Im from Toronto, Canada and m'y network is under virgin mobile. My sim worked perfectly fine With Samsung s3 unlocked. Please help .

  • rebel

When is 8.1 version upgrading realized for Lumia 520 please make it as fast as possible thanking u....

  • gg

It's very hard to download my family,since I bought this phone I have been trying to download my family with no success,please help my phone is Nokia Lumia 520,please email me if you can help me guys to

  • b.raja

Nice n compact phone,but it has not only a call recorder.....

  • Anonymous

Shekhu, 07 Nov 2014whatsapp will definately work on your phone???