Sony Xperia E review: E-lementary

22 April 2013
Well, this sounds like an apt title really. The Sony Xperia E is among the cheapest packages on offer from Sony, second to only the Tipo. From the design theme of the first generation of Sony smartphones, to the familiar internals, the Sony Xperia E has...

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  • limestone steve

Cheap price so don't expect miracles
Camera usable and limitations with storage
You get what you pay for.

  • AnonD-340973

Every time I log on facebbook it crashes and then restarts it self

  • nE0n1nja

THis is a horrible phone! Why? It has 600 MB "Phone" memory, which is separate from the 2 GB internal memory. It fills up pretty damn fast and now I can't update any of my apps because I get "Insufficient storage space available" all the time! I have 1.8 GB free memory left, but it is classified as "Internal memory" so the apps that are installed on the Phone memory can not update! Plus, I also get this message if I try to install some new apps in the internal memory!

Also it lags pretty bad if you use Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2013sony experia e have front camera or not ?not

  • cheezle

If you find it to be slow, play around with the developer options. I stopped background activities which really increased the speed of the phone

  • awesome

It is awesome. It is the best cheapest smartphone.I got no problem

  • marzuk

Can all shut up,saying the phone lags all the time! It is true that it hangs..the price of this up is low cos of it hangs and so on...;-);

  • piyush

excellent phone working good

  • Raghav

i buy new xperia E but my decission is correct or not...

  • Anonymous

Cast is ok but totaly no west of cast

  • sony E have been asm

Sony E totaly no sound. It a death of soundeffect

  • BH

you review didn't mention battery life - it's great if you pick the power saving option.

  • tash

Slowest phone ever. Bought Lucia 520 but figured out about the problems unlocking it so bought this heap of junk

  • Anonymous

sony experia e have front camera or not ?

  • kitschy

parth, 03 Aug 2013should in sony xperia E game are play well like temple run... morethese games don't run well

  • Anonymous

sunny, 15 Aug 2013Its has a horrible battery life time , i bought sony xperia... moreHi,
I think this might be your phone, because I am a heavy phone user and my battery lasts upto 2 days, it's a fabulous phone!

  • Anonymous

Mahi, 15 Jul 2013its better to buy a windows phone rather than android...So, why u don't buy nokia 520

  • Anonymous

AnonD-154055, 10 Jun 2013which is the best smartphone to buy sony xperia E or HTC ex... moresony xperia e is the best smartfone !

  • Anonymous

I have bought this phone recently and i have heard that some people are calling it quite a big fail. i am getting a used BOLD for the same price. should i go for it?

  • sunny

AnonD-99042, 24 Apr 2013Youre definitely right about how smooth Windows Phone OS ca... moreIts has a horrible battery life time , i bought sony xperia E 8 days ago and it phn battry lasts for only 1.5 - 2 hours only is dis phn has a problm with battery ....???