Sony Xperia E review: E-lementary

22 April 2013
Well, this sounds like an apt title really. The Sony Xperia E is among the cheapest packages on offer from Sony, second to only the Tipo. From the design theme of the first generation of Sony smartphones, to the familiar internals, the Sony Xperia E has...

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  • NokiaFan

Please fix the video in review, it says its set to private only.
Great review as always,

(in reply to Osiris) r u out of the real world or what?? lol the author himself said the lumia 520 is much better!!!

  • AnonD-44008

Any news about zl review

  • hm

any other OEM makes better entry level models. sony is pure shame. i'm glad they're not doing better sales-wise

  • AnonD-84053

Michael, 22 Apr 2013Nokia Lumia 520 is much better than this...LOL no it isn't

  • Michael

Nokia Lumia 520 is much better than this...

  • Anonymous

Nokia Lumia 520 is great phone

  • AnonD-78488

In the entry level, for a little extra the Nokia Lumia 520 does outdo the single-core entry level droids out there. Hmmmm..