Motorola Moto X hands-on: First look

01 August 2013
It's been a while since Google bought Motorola but it's only now that we finally see the fruits of that cooperation. By this point, we were already overly excited because we couldn't wait to see what rabbit...

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  • Where is 64gb?

Disappointment. Could have matched HTC one's max storage.

And as predicted, stuff from google never have sd slots.

Since specs are low, and they innovate in terms of design and other areas, they could have added removable batteries with a twist: 2 pieces of battery instead of 1. So you can swap batteries without having to switch off your phone.

Now as it stands, its just a fancy phone, and when you can see through that, its worth very low. Maybe 250$ No more.

  • AnonD-54125

so what makes this different from the newly released droids... ok google now and different plastic

that is it

over priced mid range fail

just buy the gs4, htc 1, heck even a lumia 520

  • haris

dude that camera's snapshot has really blown me away. I mean I'm finding it really hard to distinguish it from a dslr's honestly. That watch looks incredibly sharp with true colours and almost zero color saturation. Initial impressions definitely look impressive anyway.

  • eddie1021

AnonD-130551, 02 Aug 2013Well, I certainly would take this over the HTC One. I don't exac... moreHow could you not pick the HTC one over this? Other than the camera you got:
Bigger internal storage for the price, one of the best 1080p screens on the market, better processor, dual front speakers, all wrapped in aluminum in a thinner package let alone the fastest android phone to date even snappier than the S4?!!!!!

  • AnonD-108258

Im very impressed with the Moto X, synthetic benchmarks are very impressive indeed, the quality of the snap that GSM provided us was excellent- I could see the serial number on the watch when I zoom in.
This thing should sell like hot cakes.

  • Anonymous

The best android phone so far, and true phone from google.

  • Albert

I think this phone is mesmerizing. I tough the One was the one, but I've now shifted my strategy.

i say this is little superior to xperia SP. a midrange flagship.

  • AnonD-130551

Anonymous, 02 Aug 2013Can we go ahead and take out the benchmark scores for the Samsun... moreWell, I certainly would take this over the HTC One. I don't exactly understand why people think the One is the Holy Grail. I mean, it's a pretty nice phone, but that's it.

  • G5

Jst can't wait for it ...I wish i could have in mi hands this rabbit right away.

  • Dtr

No thanx ill take nexus 4 II

  • Anonymous

Can we go ahead and take out the benchmark scores for the Samsung s4 octacore since they been caught cheating. And who would pick this over the HTC one 32gb in the state for $149 or less? brainer.

  • AnonD-91504

I wanna see a comparison its cameras with the poor htc one's camera in low light!!!

  • AnonD-129591

When they mentioned about "Customer Customization" some time ago, I thought its about hardware specification or special Motorola application. Geezzeuss, its only for its plastic skin.

  • judabne

in fact the 10.4 thickness isn't bad
slightly thick phones are easier to hold than extremely thin ones

  • AnonD-115822

This phone is not what i expected to see.
The price is awfull

  • I heard you

This would have been one of the best phones if it was released last year.

If the price is not attractive then this will not sell well. However, some patriotic silly Americans may willing to fork out extra cash it.

  • Kenosis

Can I order it from Asia?

  • alan

yeah there's no sdcard slot, well nothing's new there, it's google phone.

  • Anonymous

Amoled...hello moto...hello burn in...