LG G2 vs HTC One: Game of phones

25 September 2013
The LG G2 is the new pretender to the Android smartphone throne and one that enters the fray with a bang. Well aware of the challenge ahead – and determined to make it an opportunity – the G2 comes duly armed. Four Krait 400 cores on the...

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  • Sam
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  • 27 Jul 2020

I have an LG 2 as well.the phone is still new but its problem is that it keeps droping important calls because it switches itself off.what shou;d I do to stop this from happening?

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    • R7croo
    • NuT
    • 13 Aug 2016

    With HTC one it's a really fun android phone that even bring s you news as it is released from any anchor across the world on the screen

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      • 6PE
      • 25 Mar 2016


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        • titima
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        • 24 Jul 2015

        jay, 08 Apr 2014Tomorrow m gonna buy the mobile but im very confused abt th... moreThe htc. One is better but I can encourage you go for the lg g3.lg makes everything better

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          • shane
          • vCK
          • 30 Apr 2014

          I don't know how anyone can say one is better than the other without using everyone for a period of time. I have M7, xperia z1, lg g2, he'll I even used A lumia 925. I haven't used a gs4 simply because I hated the gs3. I don't use the camera but do rely on calls, data, functionality,ease of use, you get my drift. Xperia Z1 the best quality feel followed by the M7. Forget the lumia 925 as that was a mistake and I have already mentioned the gs3/4. By far the best phone I have used based on my circumstances and my criteria is the g2.I'm sure everyone else has their own criteria and other phones will be best for them but really don't comment on the best till you have used them all, it just makes you look silly.

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            • Amy
            • Ia7
            • 21 Apr 2014

            AnonD-130412, 02 Oct 2013none of your points are valid ... y are you promoting s4(... moreI agree u.I like LG G2,it can reveal to Sony xperialz2 and samsaung S5.G2 is my favourite

              • j
              • jay
              • fCx
              • 08 Apr 2014

              Tomorrow m gonna buy the mobile but im very confused abt this two mobiles plz help me out to which is the best...?

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                • AnonD-215925
                • J8M
                • 09 Mar 2014

                AnonD-214325, 11 Dec 2013I have both phones the LG camera is not better. Honestly i... moredream on dude, lg`s camera offers more realistic and NOT WARM pictures -_- ur eye likes a warmer tone but realistic colors is better, so honestly htc can`t comes to LG xD

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                  • AnonD-159985
                  • 6ux
                  • 08 Mar 2014

                  AnonD-135192, 13 Oct 2013Mind telling me how it's overpriced, when it's clear that t... moreLGg2 has lesser price tag nowadays compared to htc one.

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                    • zac
                    • IWS
                    • 26 Feb 2014

                    AnonD-204242, 07 Nov 2013I have a question, hope anyone can help me. What I use the... moreHTC speakers are both amplified by beats
                    Plus da headphones are also amplified by beats
                    If ur more into music HTC one is urs

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                      • zac
                      • IWS
                      • 26 Feb 2014

                      The lock screen shortcuts in the HTC one can be changed to ur preference...this review says that it cannot be changed.

                      Jst thought of correcting that mistake:-D

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                        • AnonD-237150
                        • 7Jx
                        • 25 Feb 2014

                        honestly i've owned both and LG is the more powerful of the two by far, but one handed operation is not there really. HTC has it down pat on the one handed experience and the UI is much more polished,and if you have an unlocked version (DE), then you already have 4.4.2 and sense 5.0 which allows you to use Google Wallet. the ONE is overall a better phone if you are looking at real world use and not just benchmarks however, if you are a Gamer then the G2 is YOUR phone for sure!

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                          • Cris
                          • 0UY
                          • 19 Jan 2014

                          HTC One is very cold in hand. LG G2 have some problems with the battery leaks.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • 4QS
                            • 01 Jan 2014

                            AnonD-214325, 11 Dec 2013I have both phones the LG camera is not better. Honestly i... moreI wouldn't say that the One's camera is better per say...But the difference is very minimal. And i think colors do go for the One.
                            As far as displays. You are correct. Both screens are actually a little saturated. Particularly most in green. Almost every display is actually. Both not in extremes and the One less so than the G2. But again. Neither to write home about.
                            The One however messes up contrast a little more in the dark and light scenarios.

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                              • wim
                              • I4I
                              • 24 Dec 2013

                              g2 cant use data and voice at the same time... then why bundle the hardware?

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                                • AnonD-214325
                                • YHu
                                • 11 Dec 2013

                                I have both phones the LG camera is not better. Honestly its not even close. I am out taking pictures all the time and I just never use my g2. Its color and detail are less the my HTC one every time. Plus the LG screen colors seem less true to life the HTC One. SO I say HTC one wins. The LG has great specs but its seems just thrown together.

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                                  • Fact
                                  • uud
                                  • 25 Nov 2013

                                  For premium look and build quality, HTC one is awesome. But in the case of performance, go for LG G2... (my personal choice is lg g2)

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                                    • AnonD-204242
                                    • CQ5
                                    • 07 Nov 2013

                                    I have a question, hope anyone can help me.
                                    What I use the most (by far) is music. 70% through headphones, 30% in a very good quality sound system.
                                    Then, based from this review, HTC One has better sound quality. But that is only limited to the speaker of the phone? Or there is really a difference between HTC One and LG G2?

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                                      • AnonD-175726
                                      • PGk
                                      • 22 Oct 2013

                                      I'm have been using G2 (fr my GF), S4 (my rmate), and One (Im owning) and I would say G2 is definitely better than S4 in any aspects though obviously it a shame copy of S4. But when it comes to One, G2 feels boring any and doesn't have any feature to overshadow One. Of course G2 is a decent phone and I have nothing to complaint abt but it lacks of "interesting" features like Joe or Blinkfeed. It's a powerful horse I'd would recommend anyone to buy as it offers the best price/performance at present.

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                                        • Jutch
                                        • P}v
                                        • 21 Oct 2013

                                        Anonymous, 26 Sep 2013Its disgusting how LG copies Samsung. They lack innovation,... moreI believe G2 is the first to release a phone with the rear key. In addition, they have added an optimal image stabilizer on their camera.