Apple iPhone 5s review: Step by step

27 September 2013
It’s that time of year again and Apple’s in the usual record-breaking mood at the box-office. This is an S year in the Cupertino calendar but different enough – it may be that two phones instead of one account for almost...

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  • Nekko

AnonD-36554, 28 Sep 2013Can anyone explain me how can a dual core 1.3 ghz come on t... moreBecause Android has a lot of things going on in the background compared to Apple which runs pretty much only the apps on screen. A good analogy would be you racing with Usain Bolt whilst he is brushing his teeth with one hand and flipping up a french toast with the other. Maybe you can keep up with Bolt but are you actually faster? If you want to bench equally then you'll have to load a light rom with no background process and then run the benchmark. Only then will Apple be smoked.

  • Wan

You've had your day Apple
Thank you and good bye

  • AnonD-126844

yes,dual core 1.3 is faster than android quad core.
but for the least amount of money,i can get more,won't that be great?
700 bucks get a dual core 1.3 with 1560 mah in 2013 doesn't really cut it (i can get more than that with least amount of money)

  • skyrazr

It nice to see apple do a nice phone like IP5s but it a bit pricey without a contract..anyway,nice review...thank

  • Anonymous

MisterCats, 28 Sep 2013Have you not heard of ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec)? It... moreYes, because converting your music every time you wan't to copy it to your phone is really convenient. I mentioned FLAC because it is way more used than ALAC, and all downloadable music I can find is either mp3 (terribad) or FLAC. You won't find ALAC, WMA, WAV, m4p, etc. easily and converting some 30GB of music to put on your phone is PITA. They could've added FLAC support for free because it is FREE SOFTWARE. And nobody should be using mp3 anymore. 2004. has passed so lets leave relics of the past to the past.

  • Dave

AnonD-146024, 28 Sep 2013In 2011 I bought iPhone 4s for me & samsung S2 for wife... moreHTC One is a quality device with better build quality and a good size to use in one hand. So stop making excuses and switch already.

  • B

Well Apple continues to provide a very average product yet the sheep still come. This phone is a top 10 at best and is lacking in many ways. Apple is stuck in the past. Have fun with your neon colored and "touch id", which was hackex in less than 48 hours!

  • MrGenie

I really wished GSM review pointed that Atrix was the first to have finger print scan .. so the novelty isnt Apple's :)

  • MisterCats

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2013There are way better video players than VLC on any platform... moreHave you not heard of ALAC (Apple Lossless Audio Codec)? It's been out forever.

  • AnonD-146024

In 2011 I bought iPhone 4s for me & samsung S2 for wife. Whereas S2 only survived its short life somehow my 4s still works perfectly even on the latest iOS 7. So spending a bit more on a quality product makes more sense than to waste it on some crap phone.

iPhone 5S I believe is still the best one can have as it is really easy to live with unlike some gigantic 5" phone which you can't even use single handedly & all mini droids out there are really mini in performance.

  • AnonD-143665

AnonD-36554, 28 Sep 2013Can anyone explain me how can a dual core 1.3 ghz come on t... moreIt's because of the arm v-8 instruction set of the cpu. It is also backed by a simple and optimized web browser safari
Plus, it is using power vr rouge series 6 gpu.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-977, 27 Sep 2013VLC and other players are available for free in the App sto... moreThere are way better video players than VLC on any platform (I don't know about iOS though), like BSPlayer and MX Player for android. And while you can sync any mp3 through your iTunes, lossless audio formats (mainly FLAC) can't be played on any iDevice while most android phones play it out of the box.

  • Michael

AnonD-45523, 28 Sep 2013It was on didn't came on top dual core krait a... moreAnd do not forget the number of pixels the CPU/GPU has to push:

FullHD(Android flagships) 1920x1080=2.073.600 pixels
IOS 1136x640=727.040 pixels

  • AnonD-122881

AnonD-5197, 28 Sep 2013Cons - TouchID is greatly underused. Absolutely as expected.Just being open-minded, people lock and unlock their phones all the time

  • AnonD-5197

Cons - TouchID is greatly underused. Absolutely as expected.

  • AnonD-129806

AnonD-183586, 27 Sep 2013Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia z1, are much more bet... moreRubbish,best smartfone is one that suites your needs not the one driven by spec which is what most uneducated people go for.

  • AnonD-45523

AnonD-36554, 28 Sep 2013Can anyone explain me how can a dual core 1.3 ghz come on t... moreIt was on didn't came on top

dual core krait androids performed similar to Quad core A7's

just take a look at nexus 10 it has dual core but proper cortex a15. it performs way better than anroid a7 quadcores but lesser than s800

a7 processor is made up of custom cores and performance is similar to cortex a15 dual.

  • AnonD-129806

BooN, 27 Sep 2013Wow, what a joke of a smartphone! Can't grasp the reasons w... moreHave you tried one?

  • oflife

AnonD-191143, 27 Sep 2013... I was hoping for significant improvements in iPhone 5S ... moreDitto! (My feelings on the iPhone 5s echo yours and I'm also getting a Note 3.) BTW, check out the Note 8, good for when you need a larger display. Very fast too.

  • AnonD-36554

Can anyone explain me how can a dual core 1.3 ghz come on top against the likes of snapdragon 800?...none of the android dual cores give that kind of performance...