Apple iPhone 5s review: Step by step

27 September 2013
It’s that time of year again and Apple’s in the usual record-breaking mood at the box-office. This is an S year in the Cupertino calendar but different enough – it may be that two phones instead of one account for almost...

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  • AnonD-36554

Can anyone explain me how can a dual core 1.3 ghz come on top against the likes of snapdragon 800?...none of the android dual cores give that kind of performance...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2013Regarding audio quality and power on headphones output: 1st... moreI agree with you. I've compared the speaker of 5S, 5C. But none of them comes anywhere close to the HTC One which I compared with both iPhones to the same song. Nothing seems to impress me when it comes to audio quality on a smartphone more than the HTC One ever since I first heard it. Especially for a tiny device, being able to produce such deep, loud and clear sound... A real pleasure to the ears and audiophiles. Although to be fair the iPhone 5S only has one speaker, and it sounds alright for a single speaker, just sounds a little bit on the quieter side.

  • AnonD-191159

Still not possible to bluetooth your mp3 or pictures to your friend using the iPhone? The bluetooth is still not fully functional.

  • Petey

Not here to bash apple or android, still just about clinging on to my s2 although its very laggy and on its last legs now. What people seem to forget about iPhones when moaning about the price is that they hold there value extremely well. I'd be lucky to get £100 for my s2 although the 4s can still command about £250. Just something to think if your comparing prices and value for the long run

The best smartphone out there, the iPhone 5s.

  • AnonD-977

AnonD-71586, 27 Sep 2013clearly not worth it, altough i am an android fan i will ad... moreI've got a 16GB S4, it only has 8GB of usable memory and Samsung Switch couldn't sync my iPhone backup because it ran out of memory.

Had to waste my money on some cheap junk chinese memory card from ebay which made the S4 go so hot I had to take it out again.

Good memory cards cost a lot more but when it's an $800 phone it's probably advisable to pay a bit more.

  • Mike

Very nice review GSMArena. You may have helped me to make up my mind. Having ordered and Iphone 5s and still waiting with no obvious delivery date I think I'll just get the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 instead. It's screen is mind boggling! That said Apple do have that habit of being able to get in your head! Apparently I really do need an Iphone!

  • AnonD-977

VLC and other players are available for free in the App store.

Import whatever videos you want into iTunes on a PC.

Sync to phone.

I can't find VLC for my S4 and Samsung wants $10 a month so their music streaming thing works.

Any music you want can be imported into iTunes and synced.

It has always been this way.

I don't know why you try and persist with the myth that iPhones can only use content purchased from Apple.

Not very professional of your reviewer.

  • Anonymous

Gsmarena you still don't get it do you? Apple wants to take things slowly.

  • BooN

Wow, what a joke of a smartphone! Can't grasp the reasons why people would buy this.. Just lost for words!

  • AnonD-80609

Thats fantastic. Thou im not an apple fan, i must say that CPU & GPU performance are on par with the top droid. Dual core or quad core or octa core nevermin as far as the phone handles the os butter smooth.

The negative things are very restricted os. Highly dependent on itunes. no sd card. high cost.

Just a tuned engine in the vintage car. Engine is excellent. Not the whole car.

  • AnonD-71586

clearly not worth it, altough i am an android fan i will admit that it is a very fast and smooth phone, the internal memory is very low, no sd card, and one with bigger memory costs way to much, no mass storage, no usb on the go, and as good as it might be , the screen is way to small and the limitations that apple brings are extreme not to mention that in my country romania it's about 1050 euros, with that kind of money you get better phones with no limitations with more storage better cameras , great displays not only that but you even save a lot of money

  • Anonymous

Regarding audio quality and power on headphones output: 1st place: htc one,one mini,butterfly,8x,8s. 2nd place: all ipads and all iphones except iphone 5,5s,5c wich sound a little bit quiter than all iphones

  • AnonD-191143

apertotes, 27 Sep 2013Impressive review! Thanks a lot for all the hard work.... yes, thank you GSMArena for your great efforts and excellent reviews, your reviews are by far the best and most neutral (unbiased) reviews that I've seen on the web ...

  • fyre

this one is not for me, that's for sure.
but my dad might like this. he hate typing password for unlocking phones.

  • AnonD-191143

AnonD-191143, 27 Sep 2013... I was hoping for significant improvements in iPhone 5S ... more... also forgot; the screen is too small and the battery life is not acceptable when compared to competitors (even worse than that in iPhone 5 as mentioned in some reviews) ...

  • AnonD-183586

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and Sony Xperia z1, are much more better than iPhone 5s ...

Impressive review!

Thanks a lot for all the hard work.

  • Chupacabra

I'll hold out for the iPhone 6 with larger screen, more DRAM and time for Apple to refine iOS 7 which currently has too many teething security and cosmetic issues.

  • AnonD-174135

nice phone, but the screen is too small ... 4.7 would be ideal