RIM's Q2 results are out, seem disappointing

16 September, 2011

RIM has posted the financial results for the second fiscal quarter of the year, which in their case are the three months ending on August 27th. Things are definitely not as good as the company expected with the sales of the PlayBook tablet being particularly disappointing.

Just 200,000 units of the QNX-based slate were shipped over the past three months, a number that is even lower than the forecasts from yesterday suggested. No wonder then that the profit of the company over the past three months ($329 million) doesn't compare particularly favorably to the results in the previous quarter ($695 million profit) or the same period of last year ($797 million profit).

The good news is that RIM is still in the black and that it managed to ship 10.6 million BlackBerry smartphones in those last three months. And the Canadian manufacturer is expecting things to look better in the next quarter, when the sales of the newly launched BlackBerry OS 7-running smartphones will have a bigger impact.

With 7 new smartphones launched over 90 carriers in 30 countries you can see where this optimism is stemming from. The only problem is that, with BlackBerry OS 7 being a facelift, rather than the total overhaul that everyone expected, those smartphones will still have a tough time winning market share outside the corporate world.

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Reader comments

  • Shimmy

I really love my blackberry. It does email, it does websites, it does everything I need it to do. I have an ipad for other the randomness but the ios with the touch screen is very slow for typing messages and emails. Nothing beats a good old physical...

  • BB_User

RIM is in a good position! If they can get the price right, the mid-range market can be their turf. BIS is great particularly for markets outside USA, I am in South Africa and I see everyone got a Blackberry mostly from Nokia. I hate anything Android...

  • Anonymous

i think blackberry should look around and see what other have in their gadgets equivalent to their price band,who will buy a blackberry for 35 k when one gets all the functions and even more in any other company for less than half their price