Rumor: Oppo will replace your smartphone's battery for free within four years of purchase

Vlad, 13 September 2023

Battery degradation in time is one of the main things people fear when it comes to smartphones these days, and Oppo is now rumored to have a solution to alleviate such fears in the future. According to the usually reliable Digital Chat Station on Weibo, and corroborated by another tipster on the same platform, Oppo is gearing up to launch a free battery replacement program.

There are, of course, caveats to this move. For starters, the program will only be available in China and only for the upcoming Oppo A2 Pro, which is expected become official on September 15 - aka this Friday.

Oppo A2 Pro Oppo A2 Pro
Oppo A2 Pro

You'll thus get a free battery replacement for the A2 Pro within four years of your purchase, but only if its battery health percentage drops below 80% during that time. We also assume (though the tipsters haven't specifically mentioned) that this will only be doable once per device.

So, to look at things another way, this is basically Oppo being so sure of its battery technology that it's willing to guarantee (in this way) that the A2 Pro's cell won't hit 80% health in four years, it will in fact be higher after that time passes.

It's an interesting way to make some waves, for sure, and it's not the first time Oppo's talked about its battery health protection features, but we're willing to bet a lot more people will be listening when things are presented like this instead.

It's unclear at the moment if the company wants to eventually offer a similar guarantee for all of its phones, and if so whether it will apply to those sold in the Chinese market only, or if it will expand the program internationally. We don't see why it wouldn't, however, as it would be a pretty big way to get on people's radars.

Now, with all of this said, remember that this is just a rumor at this point. Let's wait until Friday and see if it turns into reality.



Reader comments

This is so true but those people will never understand. Proud user of Motorola edge 450 pro wioth a 125W charger in the box. Having my phone fully charged in like 15 minutes and have no issues or complains.

Man your phone can get hot but who says your battery get hot too. Fast charging of 200W + is best thing invented past few years because battery dont get much hot and phone will be ready really quickly.

  • AnonD-1104158
  • 16 Sep 2023
  • 39y

No I am against it...the phone will not be IP68 rated anymore !

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