Sagem my721x

Sagem my721x

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  • Pero Kumplung MK

Great phone for that price

  • Pero kumplung MK

bojan, 29 Oct 2008it seems like it is a nice phone but can someone tell me fo... moreTri dena i toa so umereno koristenje na kamerata

  • Anonymous

i bought this phone today and its great.He have 2 loudspeakers and its great sound.Camera is good but it can be better.

  • Anonymous

guys can someone who have this cellphone tell me about this 721x camera.I want to know is this 3.2MP camera good quality or?

  • Anonymous

ye it is micro sd,u can buy memory for 4gb

  • bojan

it seems like it is a nice phone but can someone tell me for how long does the phone has a battery life???

  • 721x

Does it take micro SD HC or just micro SD? I'm trying to get a 4gb memory card but I'm not sure if SDHC will work.

  • andy v.

My brother has been using the phone since September[the T-mobile branded version].
No complaints thus far about the battery life.

  • andrija

this cellphone is great,he have camera 3.2MP,MP3,AAC player...He have great sound quality with 2 loudspeakers,but bad side of this cellphone is low battery life and no 3G.But that nwm,this is great cellphone and if u want to buy it, go for it.

  • Anonymous

this sagem is great phone,but his battery life...But that nwm i'll buy it.

  • andy v.

nokija, 07 Oct 2008whats the max cap memory card i can use?4gb microsd.

  • nokija

whats the max cap memory card i can use?

  • Dorisimus

There isn't any themes.. does anyone know where can i finde some themes for this cellphone

  • sandra

try to find themes on

  • w2w

where to find themes for sagem my721x????please help me!!!hurry up!!

  • zoraxe

Available in Macedonia for 7.5€ for 2 year contract with T-Mobile. I would take it, but those 200 min. stand-by....? Not sure yet.

  • Jasna

I have this phone and its great but i wanted to ask if someone can tell me if it has themes?:/

  • The Race

This is the slowest UI i have ever laid hands on :-(

  • Michal

If you are interesting on this phone, look to the this site: it is review about this phone, it is in slovak language, so somebody can translate, but in this review its wrote, that this phone is slow, video is not so good and time organizer is light. But in this phone is firmware from T-Mobile, Had someone different firmware? In my country sell this Sagem only T-Mobile, but I found on this phone, so maybe here is not brand.

  • nana

This phone is cute (so ice) is the name so forget its sagem my721x.Has 3.2 mega pixel camera motion,flat as motorolla v3,easy key navigation superb features and functions.This is a must have phone for the phone lover who loves his gadgets.The best phone sagem has invented by a mile.I tried one could not let my hands off and ended up picking one up as my third phone,compared to my iphone and htc diamond i use its up there with them,very comfortable and non slppery in the hand.I will advise any one,a phone lover like myself to pick on,price wise cool.