Sagem my721x

Sagem my721x

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  • cyber-spy

I agree with most of the users that this is a strong,unbreakable,slim metal-bodied phone, but it's like you are driving a Ferrari on foot :)It's lack of speed and short 3gp video (about 15 sec.)makes me so nervous, that i just want to throw it out of the window!But there's another won't brake!!! :) So i make the balance by listening to some music and playing java games, to calm myself down.It's camera has good picture quality...i told you about the video.It plays loud MP3 music,but you can not minimize the player!You can set MP3 music for all types of ringtones including your phone contacts+wallpapers.You can choose the storage between mobile phone or memory card.
Anyway...this isn't a bad phone for it's price and doesen't mean you shouldn't buy it...but before you buy any type of mobile phone-FIRST DIG UP DEEPLY-read user opinions, it's the best way to find out the dis/advantages for your type of phone and decide whether to buy or not!!!
P.S.Don't get angry to me, i'm just telling the truth!
;) ;) ; ;) ;) ;) ;)

  • Thomas

I just bought this phone today from argos for £34.19 and i must say it is one excellent phone, the speaker in it is top notch a lot better than the my511x which i also own, slim metal body one of the best sagem phone i ever had, well done sagem :-)

  • J

Had this phone for about 2 weeks now and I can say its absolutely amazing. Its super thin, made from steel and feels quite solid and robust. I paid just over £30 for it(10% off) from Argos on T-Mobile and for that price it's fantastic. It has 3.2 megapixel camera with antishake function, java, bluetooth, GPRS, micro SD, MP3/AAC/WAV player, FM radio, USB cable and 2 loudspeakers!(Sound quality is really good). Also, it has pictbridge so you are able to plug the phone into a printer and print photos directly from the phone. It also comes with a code to download some software for free called "Wellphone" and that is quite amazing too. It lets you send texts, transfer files and also use the phone as a modem, without even touching the phone. A leathery pouch is also included to protect the phone. For the 2 weeks I've been using it, it hasnt let me down. Its simply a superb phone and if you're thinking about getting it, I suggest you do.

  • Anonymous

got this phone last friday from argos for only £35.what a bargin it's an awesome phone with loads of great feature's and a real slick well happy with this phone and would have paid the full £70 retail price.
very happy.
well done sagem keep up the good work.

  • Samuel

would somebody please show me how to listen to the radio thru the speakers.
please reply to :

  • Anonymous

can you put mp3 ringtones on this phone?

  • Zuzana


I need help i cant use usb cabel, i need instalation cd or software.
Can you help me ?

Thank you

  • Anonymous

Goran , 24 Dec 2008I checked now on: moreMultimedia objects supported:
- Audio formats: Midi, WAV (PCM, ADPCM), AMR NB, MP3, AAC, iMelody 1.2
- Image formats: bmp, wbmp, jpeg, png, gif, animated gif
- Video formats: 3GP

  • Goran

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2008Can I put an MP3 for a ringtone?I checked now on: and thete is information that there is MP3 format.

  • steven

if you want themes for this fone then try this its great for themes,ringtones,softwares,pictures,videos etc..

  • Martin MK

I have this phone and it's ok but I have the T-Mobile branded version.Can someone tell me if I can change the phone software(UI)to the Vodafone branded?pls help

  • Dejan

Please,for that price is a top,we need phone only for HALLO and CIAO isn it?Whatever,I like it,and I still use this phone!

  • walker

great phone is hard to breack hard to die, hard to wrong, is the better in the world, and all sagem support 4 gb. and the speacker is great.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 24 Nov 2008Can I put an MP3 for a ringtone?According to the web page of my mobile provider: No. (but I would not take that for confirmed)

  • Anonymous

naveed, 01 Dec 2008has it got bluetoothyes

  • naveed

has it got bluetooth

  • Anonymous

Can I put an MP3 for a ringtone?

  • andy v.

Pero Kumplung MK, 08 Nov 2008 1 GB topWhat kind of info is this?
Totally inaccurate.
512MB microSD™
delivered in standard package |
4GB memory through
microSDTM external
memory in option"

I wouldn't try a SD HC memory card.Funny though, but the biggest micro SD card is only 2GB. 4 GB is already SD HC...

  • Pero Kumplung MK

Anonymous, 03 Nov 2008guys can someone who have this cellphone tell me about this... moreMedium quality

  • Pero Kumplung MK

nokija, 07 Oct 2008whats the max cap memory card i can use? 1 GB top