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Sagem my721x

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  • fred

I cant play any music on it.what i am very upset about because that was one of the reasons i bought the phone and i wish i didnt now

  • Sammy

How can I listen to radio sound through the phone speakers?

  • mobiledavid

guys my721x is d bomb. u can actually browse the internet for free using opera mod. this is 4 those in nigeria using mtn nigeria. for details on how to browse free send me an email or call +2347033092586

  • Anonymous

Hey 2.0!
I have a solution for your problem.You said that there isnt 3.2 option in Options/Photo format.
Well before that you must change the preview mode from:Options/Preview Mode. You have choosen the Portrait View.That is the problem.You must choose Landscape View to make the option 3.2 MP available.But I have a problem too. I cant find any themes for this phone. But generaly seen this phone is coll and cheep.So if you wanna buy it ,just go for it

  • Iqbal

Looks very nice but the only problem is poor talk time.

  • bernard

i purchased the phone a few days ago and upto now im very impressed with it< i have a had my far share of different handsets and for the money this is a very good buy, tmobile shop charged £25 fir the hand set then £10 top up. the camera is 3.2 mp and is really good, also the menu is very simple to use. its on par if not better than my 6300 Nokia which are £80, for the money i would give ten out of ten

  • Anonymous

dertuko, 16 Apr 2009can anyone tell me where & how to change themes in this cel... moreNo you can't

  • dertuko

can anyone tell me where & how to change themes in this cellphone ?

  • nesh nesh

im going to get it so tell me about it

  • Dany

Hey i got this phone n im kinda confuse abt it..
can any 1 tell me how to change the main theme colour ,its pink n i hate it it...
any 1 help plz...!!!

  • Kevin (Brighton, UK)

synome, 24 Mar 2009i own one.. and the camera is very sensitive.. it doesnt ha... moreCamera shake/blurring can be largely eliminated by activating the anti-shake option in the camera menu. It is disabled by default.

  • Kevin (Brighton, UK)

First of all, let's keep perspective. This is a budget phone, currently available for under £30 on T-Mobile (March '09). With that in mind, this phone is incredibly feature packed.
The phone feels tough and well put together, with brushed metal and soft touch plastic. It looks like a more expensive handset.
The screen resolution and quality may not be a match for high end touch screen models, but at this price point is among the best I've seen. The only complaint I have in this area is it can be difficult to see in bright sun light.
The camera is a respectable 3.2 megapixel. An odd quirk is if you choose to preview photos in portrait mode, the camera will not exceed 2.0 megapixels. Previewing photos in landscape mode will not allow you to view them full screen. The quality of the photos is reasonable, but the lens is nowhere near the quality of those used in Sony Ericsson phones, or models using Schneider Kreuznach, or Carl Zeiss lenses. In good quality light photos come out to acceptable level for use, say, in blogs or picture messages.
The interface for the mp3 player is a let down, you can only search for the file name (not tags), and the playback options are very basic. The same has to be said for the FM radio, although it does have RDS.
Web access is rather good, pages are displayed clearly, and for a phone that lacks 3G or EDGE, reasonably quickly. This is owed to the fact that browsing is powered by the accomplished Opera Mini browser.
Menus are clear, feeling much like a Sony Ericsson interface (though not as polished). The phone's low powered CPU can be evident, as the menus can get a little sluggish, but not to the point where it's restrictive.
A 512mb SD card is included in the package, which eliminates the problems the tiny 11MB on board memory might have caused. Also included is a stereo headset, AC charger, USB cable and a leather pouch.
This is the best budget phone I've used, far exceeding the basic requirements. Power users of feature phones and smartphones would likely be disappointed with this, but then they're not likely to look at SAGEM to begin with. For more basic users, who would like the benefit of having a camera, media player, and a web browser, at this price point, you can't go wrong.

  • synome

i own one.. and the camera is very sensitive.. it doesnt have a flash, the picture is blurred..

  • Anonymous

sawii, 05 Mar 2009I just came to know about this phone and i am gonna buy it.... moreThe camera is crap unless you hold still for a really long time. The phone is shite - it has a terrible battery and slow Java performance. Listening to someone talk makes it buzz and the video camera sometimes crashes. The ring tones are very loud though, even with personal mp3s, and the mp3 player itself is quite good. I didn't like this phone and I got it for £35 - I swapped it for a crappier (on paper) Nokia and that works much better. Stay away.

  • sawii

I just came to know about this phone and i am gonna buy it. can anyone pls tell me some features like how to install its usb devices and can plss tel me abt the camara how is it????
thanx reply on

  • sara

i have a problem. i can't find a place where to make 2,0 mpx or 1,3 mpx. on the camera iz says 0,3 and i tried to go on camera-options- but there is no photo format. Please help!

  • 2.0

ok i have fixed the 2.0 cam! not this is the most phantom phone i have ever seen in LIFE, i got miss calls when i restart! and nobody called me! soe fatal error and s****, dunno i am going today to t-mobile and smash somebody's face with this metal case! cuz you can use it only for that! any who, when you think about it its sagem! so its expected to be bad! DONT buy this phone, the battery some days its 3-4 days, some times its only 1 ( same usage )

  • Anonymous

2.0, 26 Feb 2009my version is T-mobile AND when you flip it you can see its... moreHad This Problem Before I Updated The Software From Planetsagem

  • 2.0

my version is T-mobile AND when you flip it you can see its 3.2mpx BUT when i go camera and choose option->photo format
i have to choose from 2.0mpx, 1.3mpx and 0.3mpx where is the 3.2?? is it a fake 3.2 or what! i went to t-mobile and they said its 3.2mpx but the resolution its 2.0 ( i dont know if she knew what she was saying) does anyone has this problem?

  • J

cyber-spy, 22 Jan 2009I agree with most of the users that this is a strong,unbrea... moreYou can minimize the music player, if you click back whilst playing music a message pops up and asks if you want to continue playing the music and minimise the player to return to the main screen.