Sagem MY C3-2

Sagem MY C3-2

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  • segem fan

my phone have phone code problem,can anybody help me?

  • Anonymous

this is a great phone which lasted me over 4 years a very simple easy to use phone..dropped it many times ..washed it .( through the washing machine ) this has happened twice..and still manages to work ! great for a young girl maybe her first phone ?

  • prashanth

how can i get gprs

  • Anonymous

Had this phone for about 3 years, dropped many times, no problems, flip up type very compact and more difficult to find now. How can you say "beam me up scotty" with a non-flip phone ? Sigh.

  • Anonymous

I have had this phone for almost a year and ive had no problems. Ive droped it like five times and its fine, but has a few scraches. I don't think that it takes very good photos, and the features are not that good, but its ok.

  • ya

i am in lov wif tis fone!!!!!! i hav had it 4 just over a yr now and had no prob wif it at all even though i hav dropped it bout a million times its really easy to use its comfy in ur hand and i lov the key pad!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Lubabalo Owen Tyafu

Hi guys.

I have a security code problem, I cannot remeber it now. Can you reset my phone security settings, It won't allow a new sim card, and I just gave it to my sister now.


i relly like the phone on his own basis cause of the browsing application

  • Anonymous

iv had this fone 4 about 2 years now
its awesome!!!! iv dropped it heaps and it dosent play up!!
LOVE THIS FONE,, go and buy one!

  • danielle

Im thinking about buying the Sagem c42. Does anyone know if you can use the voice memo recording that you make as a ringtone?

  • Anonymous

i got dis fone it ok but it would of been better if it had video n mp3 player on it

  • stEVEN

i hate ths fone its not as good as they said it would be. im fussy though so lots of peeps would like it im sure!

  • Can-Man

I live in Australia and its the SAgem MY C4-2 i got it for my birthday. I HAVE NEARLY HAD THIS PHONE FOR 1 YEAR. i love this phone an i think that it is almost unbreakable i have dropped it several times and it hasent stoped workin or got many scratches.


  • Zac

Great Phone!
I used too have this phone THX SAGEM
its mad i would say too buy it


  • c316

I have the MYC-3b. If you gona go cheap go for a nokia. WAP doesnt work on this fone. Theres no lights on the keypad so u cant see what u typing at nite. The keys are misaligned. Its crap.

  • Mobile Junkie

Well, i believe that in Australia we have the C4 and almost every where else has C3.
Differences are that:
C4 has camera
CA has slightly different buttons and d pad only Slightly.

Yes, SAGEM phones seem to have be unbreakeable. EVERYWHERE there are reports of SAGEM phones being dropped into water dropped of buildings but give them a couple of hours to a day and they just come alive again.

I have witnessed this, my friend dropped his in pool and didnt work then hours later it revived itself. This was a C5. Yet many nokias and other brands almost always die after such things.

You gotta give SAGEM credit.

  • Nada

I've got to say,my phone is remarkable! I'm Nigerian,and my set didn't come with a camera function, so duhhh!But hey,this phone's a tough little nut! About 2weeks after I bought it,I left it flipped open for over 3hrs,and the audible call function disappeared!I had to use a hands-free earpiece for a while,but the function came back! Recently,my phone fell into water,and I really thought I'd lost my set for good, but to my amazement, when I charged my phone, it merely heated itself, and came back on! I had a NOkia 2300 that died after it fell into water, so having a self-regenerating phone is JUST FANTASTIC! Well,I did lose the sub-Lcd clarity, but my phone functions as good as ever! ....I just wish it had a camera!

  • Anonymous

has no camera.. duhhh..
i bet your phone has no TV and.. no 3D card aswell.. you also can`t do toast bread..
this is a great phone ment to make and receive calls.. if you want something else from it .. get a .. life

  • vosmogalogaapoopoo

in australia, this phone does have a camera so i'm GUESSING that it does in the rest of the world too...

  • steve

does anyone know how to turnoff the constant light that flickers on the back of the phone? please email me at