Sagem MY C3-2

Sagem MY C3-2

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  • jen

i dont rekon this phone is that great cos it doesnt hav camera, bluetooth or infrared... but i suppose its ok 4 da peoples hu dont want dat stuff... :D taddy xox

  • Anonymous

can anyone else actually tell me how to use the wallpapers i downloaded? thx XD

  • Anonymous

My friend gave me one of these. Anyone that has one what is the voltage needed to charge it? Thanks

  • Anonymous

and one more
it also has a "to do" vith voice memo and alarm
very nice and usefull if you need not to forget things but you are too lasy to write a message

  • Anonymous

oh and i forgot, that little round think on the upper side is a led with r g b colors and combinations like magenta, yellow, purple and white with different scripts like blinking, changing color ... and you can assign the colors and scripts to different actions .. receiveing mesages, calls ... or assign to special groups in phonebook

  • Anonymous

it's a very very small phone
has the basics

you can use it as a phone really ...
has organiser, voice record, 2 games, picture call ... menu is almost the same as myx5-2, and almost the same features

no camera though, btw it's a phone
buy a real camera for pictures, there are some small ones there with great picture quality like canon digital elph

  • Anonymous

u cant use your downloaded wall papers

  • sifi_g

just got it a few days ago. its a grand phone but not liking the way theres no camera. the night before i was talking to my friend and she goes there is no camera on it, so i search it and end up on this website and read the first two opinions and find out theres no camera but i still get it because it came cheap. i just really use phones for texting my friends and phoning home for a lift so thats it seeya!!!

  • montian

Request Driver model MY C3-2

  • Anonymous

it is nice,but i think it's a little expensive!!!!

  • Anonymous

emm I think I wanna buy this phone because it's stylish and looks according to my taste, but I would like to know about the durability of this product... thanks!

  • bruce ango

i think my c3-2 is a good phone;even if i can underline a certain number of missing things( such as a camera).But we can not have all the technology concentrated in a same cellphone.Something else better will be created and will be a little bit better than the preceding.And the world goes on...

  • mary farrell

this is a good phone it is good value for money, fits neatly into my pocket

  • raul_iulian

Well, i'm back.... if u whant to know how u can use pictures from multimedia as wallpapers here it is.
1. u have to download pics from sagem and they all work just fine

  • elush

no infrared no bluetooth ... sucks

  • Raul

Looks good, fells good. That's it.
65k more like 4k to me and u can't use downloaded wallpapers as Wallpapers

  • Raul Iulian

I have a huge problem with my Sagem...!
Does anyone know how can i use downloaded wallpapers as ... wallpapers...?

  • Anonymous

For what do you really want this phone? For picture you should buy a dedicated camera and not rely on your mobile phone. Personaly I have a phone with camera, but I never use it.
I want to know what are the phone qualities in terms of voice quality, signal coverage and other stuff. But I don't think that no camera means automatically a crap.
Any information related to this?

  • rock-chick12

This phone is a really bad quility i mean sagems are really good but this phone brakes and stuff i had to take it back 6 times just to get it to work and stop braking if you want to get a sagem phone that is a small flip, camera then go for the MyC5-2 its an awesome phone and ive had it now for 6 months and it works like magic!

  • Barries

I like my sagem myC3-2 but are getting frustrated because i change mtn to vodacom sa and no one have right settings. Can some one help pleeeeease. Doesn't mms. so i am asking manual settings for MMS and GPRS settings for vodacom.