Sagem MY C3-2

Sagem MY C3-2

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  • Jemma

i got this fone for my birthday very stylish but no camera its not a proper fone without a camera sagem let themselves down with this one n going on their track record of sucessful fones like d my c5-2 its a shame they let themselves down

  • Anonymous

this fone is stupid!!!!
i got a my c4-2 and it has camera and it is sooooooooooo much better so any one thinking of getting this fone!!! thnk again!! i reccomend a my c4-2 or a my c5-2.
mwah! mwah! mwah!
luv yaz all!

shen shen.

  • Karim


  • azza

lol what a joke why is there a phone in existence this day and age without a camera....actually i wish o2 would bring this out i could easily sell it to some old people who know nothing and want a handset for emergency calls only......very nicelookin though damn right

  • Anonymous

not creative

  • uk

e600 copy definitely!

No cam makes it instantly crap lol!
I personally do like the e600 design so i would like this 1 too :P

  • andrei

how can you say it's an s300 copy? it isactuall an e600 copy i think...

  • sash

WOW, no cam! Thank God. Who need anymore all in one? I like this model.

  • Anonymous

samsung s300 copy...

  • brigs

SAGAM MY C3-2 looks so nice, so attractfull but how i wish d ringing tone will b as the same as MY C-3s and also loud infact i really luv d finishing