Sagem MY V-55

Sagem MY V-55

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  • nonny

why is it that the ones from vodafone always have red background?

  • hon samuel okotete

well d phone is nice and lovely

  • lindiwe

i like sagem my v-55 and im gettin one

  • doncho

Hi,I asking an advice.I'm wondering would I bye this lovely looking phone for myself or Motorola C650?or maybe Siemens C65?I would be glad to hear your opinion,so please,e-mail me,if you have one.

  • Daniel

How can we open the phon and sim locked

  • gbenga ajayi

hello everyone here,how are u doing,i just want to say something about my v55,myv55 is so beautiful,i ju love the way they do the phone,my v55 is a good phone among the phone

  • adi

can anyone tell em where i can find free java games fir my v55?!
please email me if you can help!!!!!!!

  • Richard

This phone is ok considering the price. My girlfriend has one so i have used it often. The camera is a standard quality, its light and looks nice. The covers are pretty tricky to get off, and my girlfriend ended up breaking one of the clips on it. The screen gets too dirty and you need to take the cover off in order to clean it propperly. I compared the camera quality to my phone (Motorola v80) and there isnt too much difference. The only problem i have with this phone is that the menus seem to be EVERYWHERE! I cannot read them clearly and they reallly do my eyes in. They are just a mess and Sagem have really let us down in this department. Also, this phone doesnt have bluetooth, and my V80 doesnt have infared so there is no way of transfering pictures. Overall, this is an average phone..not bad for the one if you want a standard phone that your not too worried about damaging, then this is the one for you.

  • biggysmalls

hey wuts up u'll,since i bought ma v-55 i've become a big boy to the core as in ma homies now fell me d more,so sagem keep the good work up son.

  • 61holden

Wow, everyone raves on about this phone!I consider it to be the biggest piece of *%ap I have ever bought!Yesterday it dropped 100%of my calls straight to answerphone,costing me in excess of 1k with deals gone sour!whenever anyone rings me I can hardly hear them,I have spent more time trying to figure this out and on the phone to vodaphone than I have actually been able to use it.....Is my one the BAD one out of the batch????

  • stella

i got this phone for xmas and i like but i can't get the cover to change it's so hard to do is there a website with free stuff for the myv55 thanks

  • Anonymous

Is there anything you can buy to protect your camrera port at the back of the phone cause it is always getting diry and i am afraid of it getting damaged..

  • john doe

for hannah>>
to send your pictures;
1. the easy and free way, after you took the pictures, go to "my pictures">select>send by>irda.
2. the fast way, but [not for free], you can send a picture right after you made it, by pressing ok [it will apear MMS], or from your albub, my selecting send by>MMS

  • hannah

i got mine for xmas it looks great and i love it just how to you get it to send pics to a mobile.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!

  • Mitch

To Jude Crompton,

I read your comment about MMS Messages and your boyfriend trying to receive them on his MyV-55. Sending pictures to it from a Nokia 6610i. The reason might be that he might not have his MMS settings set right or it might even be your MMS settings not right. I strongly recommend you check your MMS settings and make sure you haven't accidentally changed anything. Another thing if you havent tried it is when you send him an MMS to the sagem, try going to extract and then picture. If that doesnt work, try sending a ringtone and if you extract that and you can't hear the ringtone, it would mean it is something wrong with his MMS settings. I had this phone but now i have the MyC5-2. It happened to me and I am just telling you what I was told to do. Anyway, good luck and i hope you figure it out soon. Bye,

  • Kyle O'Malley

I have just sent back my samsung A800 because it locked itself. I am now waiting for the sagem MY-V55 it looks great

  • tahir hussain

i like sagem mobile

  • Hannah

Hi i really need someones help, i have a sagem my v 55 and when i turn it on its asking me for a payt code does anyone no what this is and where i can get it from please help me thanx

  • haroonkhan

i have sagem myv-55 in vodaphone. but i m not eu i m in pakistan plz told me what i do pakistan have not this myv55 soft ware. plz told me whati do........

  • jude crompton

My boyfriend has an MY V-55, and is having problems receiving mms photo messages from my Orange Nokia, all he gets is a yellow cross. I cannot receive his messages atall. He has phoned Sagem, who said initially it was a network problem, but when he phoned Vodaphone, they told him it was a regular problem with this handset, and to contact Sagem again. this went on for some time. They eventually told him it could be a pixel problem, and for the sender to turn the camera 90 degrees when taking the surprisingly that didn't work either. Has anyone any suggestions as to how we can overcome this problem?? my phone is a Nokia 6610i on the Orange network. thanks Jude