Sagem MY V-55

Sagem MY V-55

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  • jamie

yo is der ne1 awt der who can tell me wer i can get sum ringtones 4 free and you dont hav 2 hav sumit like 5 a month coz all da places i tried dey give u 1 free but den u have 2 download 5 a week or month so can any ppl awt der help thanks

  • Deji

MYV-55 cannot connect with another MYV-55 and X-7 through infrared. Is there anything I did not get right in their connectionc or placement ?

  • Dereeve

Sorry, new here...I posted an incorrect email address, if anyone is replying to my question on the MyV-55 please use the email from this post. Thanks.

  • Dereeve

Can anyone tell me if its possible to set the MyV55 to record longer than 30 seconds? Much appreciated.

  • Tasha

Please, can someone help me? I have tried repeatedly to sort out my MMS service... I can send them fine but I just can't receive any what so ever... Just blank screen with any words that were typed! It's driving me insane, can anyone help! Thanks x

  • Anonymous

thanks for ur help taneesha...its working now appreciate it :)

  • taneesha

iwamsnthinlin ov buyin dis mob but now wat i have herd all da bad stuff bout it i dont no if i want to buy it now...........

  • dynojam

For MMS problems :
First check that GPRS and MMS is activated on yor account.
Second send a MMS to your number and see whats happens.If MMS and GPRS is activated you should recieve your MMS.
If you dont recieve your MMS contact your network.You may need updated settings.
After MMS has been activated you will be ablwe to recieve MMS for other MMS phones.
If the problems persist check that our friend have MMS on their handsets.

  • Anonymous

i need help with my v55 phone...every mms picture i recieve from someopne i cant see there pictures...whys this??

all i ever seem to see is a small greex X mark, need help ASAP

thank you much appreciated

  • Dynojam

You will find the the MYV-55 sold in Euroupe are networked locked.
Contact Vodafone in your country and the unlocking coads can bee sent to you.
A bit of triva MYV-55 in Australia and New Zealand are not sim locked.

  • Richard

hi, plz could you tell me the PayT Lock for my sagem my V-55, i really need it as soon as possible, plz

  • John Orfanidis

Hi i've got a sagem V-55 from Germany in Vodafone network. I came in GREECE and i use a VODAFONE GR sim but it ask me for a 10 digit password. "It" said: Sim Locked. What is going on ?? Shall i crack something???

  • Anonymous

i need help with my sagem v55 phone...i have a few mms's and the problem is that when i open it i cant see the pics but just a little green X mark at the top n then the message..its doing my head in help me plzzzz

  • robbie

got a sagem myv-55 from a friend, put in a new sim (same network as previous owner) then it asks for the phone code. does anyone know how i can get beyond this point.any help appreciated

  • Anonymous

i need to no how to unlock my sagem my v-55 aswell. does anyone no how to do it

  • catherine

This phone is great - I love Sagem phones (had a v-65 before this) But I have a problem with my V-55 that I hope someone out there can help with. When someone calls me their no./name does not show up even if they are in my address book. I've gone into 'settings' - 'calls' - 'display nos.' - 'callers no' - 'For Incoming Calls'. Then it tells me to wait while it cheacks status. Then tells me 'callers' number not displayed on incoming calls' with no option to change the setting. What do I do!!!

  • Mitchell

Hi all,

I have a sagem myv-55 and i see alot of you are having trouble with the network lock to vodafone. well, as i said, i have one and it isnt locked to vodafone, nor any other network. I have it on vodafone because mine came with a prepay pack. So, i dont know what happened with yours. i know for a fact mine isnt locked because i put a different sim in it and it worked.

  • ricco

i heard there was a website for free stuff for my v-55 can some one tell wat it is

  • bekim

i have a sagem my v55 and its on vodafone...i want to use it in kosovo...what can i do ? help me/...

  • bekim

hi all
i've got a sagem my v55 from vodafone germany and it is locked to all networks, can anyone help, plz
if there is an unlocking code or something please send it to my e-mail
thanx in advance