Sagem MY V-55

Sagem MY V-55

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  • Sachin

I am not able to find the drivers required to transfer the photos fron V55 - to PC through USB cable..Pls help?

  • navid

plz give me flash file & unloucker sagem v-55

  • Filip Zafirovski

hi all
i've got a sagem my v55 from vodafone germany and it is locked to all networks, can anyone help, plz
if there is an unlocking code or something please send it to my e-mail
thanx in advance

  • mona

I bought my sagem myv 55 from spain and I want to use an orange sim but I can't decode it!If you have any ideea how I can unlock it please write to me!

  • mony

i bought my sagem myv 55 from spain and i can't unlock it. If you have the unlock key please write to me! thank's :)

  • David

this phones good but you cant record more then 30 secs of sound is there a way to change it coz it says 00.00 // 00.30 so mabey u can add minutes in

  • ERIC

great bloody fone sik mate sik

  • Anonymous

of course voda lock their phones, why shouldnt they, the phone belongs to them until the full contract is finnished!

  • Anonymous

motorola c650 only has 1.5 mb of memory while the sagem my v55 has 3.5mb

  • SC88

Vodafone says that they DO NOT lock you in and that your phone isnt locked to their network. Strange, they must lie. They say that if you are going to change countries to ring them and tell them so that they can unlock your phone for that country (prehaps you should have read this!) Anyway, I am thinking of getting this phone, its a .3MP camera I am sure as I think the resolution is 640x480 which is decent for the $179 price in AUS with $30 credit! Can you use a USB cable instead of Infra-Red? I tested one in the shops and it was pretty cool and the image quality seemed very nice. Deciding, Vodafone with the My-v55 for $179 or Telstra for $199 with the Moto C650 (MP3 Truetones, Movie Recording etc).. Later!

  • Anonymous

anyone know if there is a way to transfer pictures from ur phone to ur pc? can u do this with infared? pls answer
by the way this phone is excellent good features clear camera but its soooo hard to find a usb for it.

  • mihai

can anyone tell me how can i unlock my sagem my v55 b cozz it's locked in vodafone(it's from spain) and i want to use it in orange..i'm from romania...

  • tahir hussain

i request u my self phone sagem my v-55 pay t lock i need the code plz help me i am waiting your answer plz.

  • Mitch

I have had my Sagem myV55 for a while now when I bought it in Australia when it was just new. I think it is a great phone, very small but so many features like real music ringtones, Vodafone Live, MMS, the camera is good and takes good quality fotos. If i were u, i would go and buy this fone. I have had it for some time and havent had one problem with it.

  • Car Kennedy

I read somewhere that you can use my sagem v 55 in America.. I was just wondering could you tell me if thats true or false.. Could u send me the result by emailing me please.. Thanks..

  • oli

i want 2 know is the sagem v-55 worth getting?
plz answer me

  • liam

can i get my myv-55 onto 02 because i am on vodafone now and i find it too dear

  • mr eric

i have tried to activate my sagem v55 but still i cant access the net i dont know if anyone can help me out

  • Joel

is the v-55 phone customised for vodafone lines only? because i bought a sagem/vodafone myx-5 that did not support my wap browsing and GPRS. pls send me more info. i live in nigeria

  • daniel cocks

the phone is very useful for me.