Sagem MY X6-2

Sagem MY X6-2

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  • Anonymous

Me again @LAW:
I have a german 6-2 and updated it, english is still available after the update. As long as the update-number matches you can use it.

  • Saxonia

To store pictures or Sounds and Videos directly on a MicroSD select Default locations>> and change the settings there. It works perfect on my phone.

  • Law

I have a 1 year old MYX6-2 in England
I have seen a rom update avail on the Sagem Upgrades site that says it allows saving directly to microSD - but the upgrade appears only for FR/IT/DE distribution - The code number DOEs match mine so in theory this should be the correct firmware upgrade but ... anyone else upgraded an English MYX6-2 using this please say - any thoughts appreciated

  • gangara

hy...i'm new here...and i have a problem.have anybody any idee how can i storage photos direct on microSD?phone is quite good but is a little bit slow problem.i realy need help of this..:)

  • petrisor

it is a good phone for that price.have someone codes for that model?Please!!!

  • Derek

Well,what can i say? I have it for a year...actually a year and 3 months...It's a pretty good phone...actually 4's the best phone ... I defintely recomand you to buy it...the sad part is that i've broken his display...and it took me ages before i found a service who was the parts for me...and's a good phone :) good luck with it..if you buy it...ah..just remember...DON'T land on i did...:P

  • Anonymous

I had this phone for 1 is a good phone,to film more, empthy your phone memory and put it to the card, and then it will film more.
the camera is not to bad but.
i think is a preety good phone.

  • melciu

I have this phone by a year or does its job very well...I can`t find a reason to change has a good baterry and very very good signal...

  • Anonymous

Iwon't to buy myX6-2 how is it's battery and quality

  • Frank

Well we have fallen as an old phone now...

  • Frank

The ghosts file is for the copywrited items...

  • poloman

i think its a great 4one but i need help on what is ghost ?????????????????????????????

  • Frank

Oh ok thanks.Nah,it's like 0 degrees here...

  • andy v.

Is not compatible with themes.
You'll be unable to load the new game on card and install it into the phone(e.g.not like 6-2)...So,you need the use a wap upload.

Cold?Windy?In Toronto.In Montreal:-14*C.

  • Frank

Yea I'm there,in Toronto...

By the way does my W-7 suport themes...

Second when you save a game can you save it in the memory card or phone and can you change it...

  • andy v.

Hi Franck.Consider it as prototype for their future 3G phones...Not impresive.But very exclusive.
Are in Canada,now?Will go in Montreal in a couple of months.

  • Frank

Hey andy I was thinking about buying myW-7.What are your opinions on that phone...

  • siklo

i think sagem x6-2 is good for all but some times the phone doesn't respond fast ENOUGH
and music player doesn't minemiz so it'll take your battary out also the bluetooth range is limeted and slow for sending or resiveing but the sound is very good clean and loud the camera is great and smooth overall it's good but i thinke x8 is much better but try x6-2 first

  • andy v.

You got the answer on "softpedia"...

  • DarkMonkXES

Does anyone know why when i try to run Sagem's "My Pictures An Sounds" it connects to the phone for about 2 seconds and then it dosconnects saying "Connection with mobile phone has been lost ! Plug it back and retry..."? After that it reconnects, stays for 2-3 seconds and disconnects again, over and over again :((
My cellphone is connected via an usb cable, and WellPhone works well.
Can anyone help me?