Sagem Puma Phone

Sagem Puma Phone

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  • inglese

hey beefmaster, whats your number? this phone is so hot right now.

  • martin

Why doesn't have Wifi?

  • beefmaster1000

im gonna bend you all over and split you like logs one by one!!!!!!!

  • Avanish kumar

No wifi,so I dont like.

  • donfun

it looks very interesting! I have to try it! anyone knoows about the OS? it looks like some custom sagem OS programmed by french people :-D

  • babak

this phone is awsome but i wont buy it because i need wifi and this phone doesnt have.
hope sagem introduce another version of puma with wifi.

  • nothing

what is this phone video quality(vga,qvga,or something like that)?

  • walker

is funny to come back sagem phones, i am waiting for. i like to come to latinoamerica. i love sagem

  • roomy

whye dont have wlan in this phone but its nice thing go on more

  • person

what is this phone video quality(vga,qvga,or something like that)?

  • manhe

oks very good

  • Anonymous

Artanis, 25 Feb 2010The first phone with built-in solar panel, so no worries on... morethis is not first solar energy. First is samsung s7550 blue earth

  • Artanis

The first phone with built-in solar panel, so no worries on charging. And with the emblem of Puma, an exciting dual features. What worries most is the price.

  • rotiq

Too bad for the 320x240 resolution. I already got than on my Nokia E71 2.3 inch display.

  • Anonymous

great news that Sagem seem to be back, have had an iphone for 2 years now and there is still no match for it, but no dowt this Sagem handset will be cheaper and a solar panel charger built in would be sooooooooooo useful to me, but no wifi ???? wake up, this has got to be a requirment!!! but i would still buy one, but if its not too late again WIFI!!!

so so glad to see SAGEM are getting on the ball again.

  • Graham

A bit worrying when I don't know what over half of those icons are supposed to, abacus, skidding car...:S

  • beefmaster1000

you all spend too much time worrying about what features a phone has that you dont even own and probably have no intentions to buy anyway.. go get some sleep and it will all be ok in the morning and you can go on living yourt lives as normal human beings!!!!!!!!!!!

  • shantel

it`s a fantastic phone! hope the features are brillant

  • kovac

no wi-fi? else is ok, but no wireless connection....for puma 2 fix it

  • Anonymous

I thought sagem stopped making phones. I'm glad this one's coming out, although the specs can't really compete with the top models of other brands.