Sagem Puma Phone

Sagem Puma Phone

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  • Anonymous

Dear Puma,

For Puma Phone 2 (whenever that may be),please lose the 2 red stripes over the keys,leave everything else just fine and add red illuminations on touch,on the keys instead.I don't believe in megapixels but just up the CMOS sensor's decency rate plus better vid functions and we're set.Puma UI on Symbian^3 would be nice also but no biggie.

And for the love of God man INCLUDE Wifi please.

  • YemTel

I hope this phone will meet the specifications indicated above. Come to think of it, when I was using My721x, it was like shit. It was slow and sometimes fact sometimes I wake up to find out that the time is not correct after setting it at night. So Sagem had better think twice before rolling out something that might throw them outa market. Anyways, I might try this phone if it comes at a reasonable price.

  • Anonymous

blazzer, 17 Feb 2010i wonder if the solar charge can hold that long (350hrs sta... moreThats when you charge your phone on the way like any other phone. If you chrarge by the solar panels at least 10 min you have 20 min stand by & 2 min talk time

  • blazzer

i wonder if the solar charge can hold that long (350hrs standby, 24hrs music and 5hrs talk time)?
while Samsung S7550 can hold for 20 mins standby and 2.5mins talk time??

  • matrix

nice phone, i like the Integrated solar cell with charge indicator at the back of the phone, ,,,,,,,when youre outdoor you will need it hehehehehe

  • discoveryrS

Samsung S7550 Blue Earth is better and with more features

  • R@KEB

waw great dizayn and new tipe ....really very very nice phone

  • beefmaster1000

awww m88888888888! guz wi me trackies innit like mannnn. gunna liek stand art side school drinkin cired innit n look propa blingin wi it in me hand like m8