Samsung and Microsoft sign a cross-licensing patent deal

28 September, 2011

Today Microsoft announced that it has signed a cross-licensing patent deal with Samsung, which should help protect both companies from outside attacks in court. Under the terms of the deal Samsung will be paying royalties to Microsoft for every Android smartphone it makes.

Obviously, Samsung feels that either the Google/Motorola deal won't happen fast enough or that it won't do enough to protect its interests at all, so they simply reached an agreement with their other partner.

As a part of the deal, Samsung has also agreed to help in the marketing of the Windows Phone system and collaborate with Microsoft on the development of the platform itself. Apparently, Microsoft was concerned that Samsung would neglect its three recently announced WP7 Omnia devices in favor of the Galaxy lineup.

With Samsung joining HTC as a Microsoft licensee, Android will certainly continue to bring more money to the software giant than its own Windows Phone. Time will tell if Nokia joining the game will change that.

Seeing how things panned out with HTC and Samsung, we should probably also expect Motorola to follow suit. The American manufacturer is currently being sued by Microsoft and we are starting to suspect that it will end with a similar agreement.

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  • agent 47

samsung is a good smartphone but do pologized to say NOKIA is the most top and legendary phone the who start smartphone build with gorillas glass was nokia start nokia lumia 900 which is samsung and apple release already phone but not yet gorillas th...

  • Anonymous

Microsoft is getting a bit greedy what gives them the power to push others around I use a Samsung phone it sure is better than a nokia

  • Bram

So, you are saying software companys aren't entitled to have anything? Since I think a patent is a basic key for property owning, which is in alot of countries something people/companies have.