Samsung starts GOS update rollout in South Korea

Michail, 10 March 2022

Last week, Samsung found itself in the hot seat after reports confirmed its Game Optimization Service (GOS) was artificially throttling app performance on several of its phones including the new Galaxy S22 series flagships. Over 10,000 apps including first-party Samsung ones were affected while benchmark platforms weren’t which resulted in Geekbench banning the last four generations of Galaxy S phones.

Samsung begins GOS update rollout in South Korea

Samsung came clear and issued a statement that GOS was implemented in a bid to extend battery life on its phones and that a future software update will allow users to choose performance priority mode.

That update is now rolling out to Galaxy S22 users in South Korea with the changelog (machine translated) detailing CPU and GPU performance limitations have been switched off for games. The update also adds a Game Performance Management Mode and brings the latest March security patch.

The update is expected to make a gradual rollout to more regions in the coming weeks. We are also expecting older affected Galaxy S devices to get a similar update soon.



Reader comments

  • Samsung S20
  • 26 Apr 2022
  • r3H

Bro chill out. 😂😂. U seem a bit angry. U might start overheating and Begin to throttle 😂

  • Anonymous
  • 11 Apr 2022
  • GTn

Are they mad? Reduce all battery from s22 lineup then throttle it to save battery.... It's like thay saw Apple do this then hey, follow up but Android Soc aren't that efficient and there a lot of other android brand with larger battery...

  • James
  • 19 Mar 2022
  • Tr4

So all yearly upgrades in SOC are useless because they are all burst performance scores. The main problem now is that, those chips which are only a more powerhog soc thats why it can achieve such scores in benchmarking app, but sustained performance ...

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