Samsung C3300K Champ

Samsung C3300K Champ

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PSP Mpeg-4 - Low Quality (Mpeg-4, 15 fps, 368x208; MPEG4 AAC LC)

Chek out this profile in MP4 on Video Convert Master...

Make sure u set the Video bitrate to 512Kps or less ....

u would love it....


Well....... Guys,i had been using this phone for 6 Months..
Happy to say that iam a satisfied Customer..
Speaking about the Pros,
Firstly i wud love to say that the phone has stunning looks n Style.."Premium Looks".....Most of the people used to ask me How Much did it cost me, when they saw it for the first time... 'n When i said "3.6k" (Non cam edn) i cud see a surprise 'n "Wow" on their face... See it looks Cool Than the image u see over here.. & it comes in 4 Color variants... Pink ,white,tan n black...
the audio quality is Not that superb though its a music phone..Its really loud..The Buds n Speakers..But Not Much heavy bass n Fidelity...
Video support is not appreciable...But the quality is reallly Good..only MP4(h.263,Xvid) & 3gp are supported.. But it doesnt matter..u can use "Video Convert master".. Its a cool Converter.. i use to convert 5min video songs to around 20Mb(512KBps) & all of them plays well... i have already loaded My fone with round 200 Such file amounting to 4GB..
M using an 8 Gb card which is fully loaded..n It doesnt slow the fone down....
Another Problem i found with the fone is JAva support...its got a limit of 4MB plus 512KB per application...U cant install anything more than 512Kb on it...But ucweb , opera,Gmail & snaptu are working fine 4 me....
i had been using this fone to Conect to My vodafone edge on Pc.. good speeds...
battery life is really appreciable... Great backup with music.. if u r gonna use the touch too much,its going to drain some more faster..
The touch is well responsive though its resisitive....

To conclude,
this is really a Nice fone @ this price... So if u have some 4k bucks in ur budget do go 4 it... Best that u can get .......

Forward ur queries to ""..
would be happy to help u... ;-)


sunstary, 26 Jan 2011Just got my champ cellphone. Is there any way that I can wa... moreNope... No video way...3rd party apps wont be able to help u..

  • zak, Ghana

i cant open facebook on my uc browser i installed on my phone and also yahoomail.

  • ram

(-)of this phone opera doesn't work propally and camera is very's only 0.3 megapixel

  • Anonymous

i cant use my camera on my phone.... it display error message

  • Amit

Sachin Naik, 27 Jan 2011I have used this phone for 4 months and the following is th... moreThanx sachin,for giving lot of information abt samsung champ. u provide evry information for samsung champ.

  • sachin naik

miles, 22 Jan 2011please help me how to on my samsung c33 champ, i used it la... morejust hold down the end key for minutes it will turn ON

  • Sachin Naik

prasun, 23 Jan 2011i can't install operamini in samsung c3303 champ,can u get ... moremake sure that you use the older opera i.e. opera 3 and not 4, its because of your network

  • Sachin Naik

I have used this phone for 4 months and the following is the true and the correct review of it which i have really experienced belive me, this phone is more than expected at such a low price, before purchasing this phone i was doing a lot of search for 3 months over the internet and thinking of purchasing samsung galaxy, corby and sony xperia and thank god i did not go for them they are very costly for me

Shape & Style: i will give 10/10 for its shape and style you can easily hold it in your palm, a liitle skinny, and it can easily go inside your pockets without problems, it comes with a pouch

User interface: very simple to use, touch sensitivity is also very good, initially i thought it will be difficult to type messages in it, play/pause music as the screen is small but if you really go to see it,
its not difficult at all, its damm easy, you can also make very effecient use of its T9 dictionary, typing on this phone is ways better than by sony ericsson k320i,
its so good that you dont even require the use of stylus, stylus is required only while browsing the internet as the links appear to be minute in size. I will give 10/10 for its interface

Screen: people always complain the screen size is small, but i think this size is double the size of all older nokia and sony ericsson models, for me its really large, i have never seen such large screen in all my old phones, i will give 10/10 for its screen size

Display: its outsatanding, all the pictures appear to be very clear and their light up is also good, pictures looks like posters, more then what i expected this is the speciality of samsung mobiles, you can also zoom them easily, and move them in all directions, and add various effects to them, i will give 10/10

Music (using earphone): this phone is definately meant for music lovers, you can save more than 150 songs, and the quality of music is excellent, dont be in an impression that only sony ericsson provides the best quality music as i was in that impression, but now even samsung provides a better quality music, if i compare the music with my sony then i dont find any difference both are equally outstanding, the music has got 3d effects, when you play the music and listen using your earphone you feel the music is playing around you, you can feel the music deep into your heart, and of course the music volume is very loud, you cant hear anything while other person is talking to you, i dont think so music lovers can excpect anything more rather than this, this is more than enough at such a low price, I will give 10/10 for its music

Battery: Very good works for two days even though you listen to music for hours, 10/10

Dual speakers: i dont usually use my speakers and distrub others, but the speaker is average good, listening via earphones is better, 7/10

camera: basic camera, thank god there is camera in this phone its 0.3MP (for 3303) and 1.3 MP (for 3300), such camera is suitable for me as usally i dont take much pictures, clarity is good but ways better than my sony ericsson k320i, 7/10

videos: supports only 3gp files and mp4 files for camera, if the clarity of the actual video is good it will play just well and fine on your phone, its average but the actual videos clarity needs to be very good, i will give 8/10

applcations/games : ok here theres a disadvantage, you can install them only upto 4 MB limit in your internal memory after that you will get a memory full error (you cannot install them in your memory card), this is bad for me, the games provided by samsung and lavasoft are of course excellent, but most of the other games are not compitable, difficult to have softwares, no themes till now, i will give 4/10 for its game/applications

internet browsing: internet browsing is good in your default browser, it has got a very good clarity, it will look as if you are using your computer, but large sized webpages have problems loading in it, but should you worry? no beacuse you can download opera mini web and bolt browser easily from their websites, bolt browser is the top downloaded software in the world which displays full webpages and also plays online videos in your phone and the next thing is that it reduces the size of the webpages with that of your phone and hence less internet charges. While using the net i feel as if i am using a broadband connection on my phone, its like 3g expreince, you can also easily use it on your computer without having the PC suite
note this phone supports EDGE along with GPRS its 2.5G, really very good speed, and i will definetely give 10/10 for this

Other Features: includes all othe features like email, mms, calculator application, calender, dictionary application, memo, task reminder, saving 1000 contacts, 500 sms, convertor application, 8 GB micro SD expansion support (comes with only 1GB card), privacy lock ( locking your pictures, videos, messages, logs, contacts, memos with a password so that others cant see them)

this phone does not come with micro USB cable you need to purchase it (even nokia's will do). transferring files and using the internet on your computer is of course easy using windows, but the pc suite seems to be very bad for me it doesnt recogonise my phone, but anyway you dont require it as you can rely on your windows for file transfer and internet provided that you install the samsung usb driver which is present in the samsung kies software which you can download from your computer with a broadband connection as its size is 94 MB, or i think a seperate usb driver should be availabe for this phone whose size must be around 22 MB i have not searched for it. If you dont have internet on your PC i recommend you to go in cybercafe

  • Anonymous

beekar phone hai

  • sunstary

Just got my champ cellphone. Is there any way that I can watch videos from the internet?

  • jrt

can i download games to samsung champ? thank you?

  • jig

can this phone last for a long time?

  • savan

my samsung mobial c3303 not supported to the youtube video.
not supported to any softwer.plz reply and give me a ancer

  • savan

my samsung mobial not supported to the youtube video.
not supported to any softwer.plz reply and give me a ancer

  • Anonymous

Does it have Wifi?

  • jaryl

sanjeeb patra, 24 Jan 2011in security, i want to change my password and i forgot the ... morewell i dont care bakit mo kasi nakalimutan,,,,......ha,ha,ha, btinga sayo,,,!!!

  • bob

av used the champ for a few weeks now and so far so good. the stereo is just cool.the 3d sound is great. stylish design, i gave it 8 out of 10.the social network intergration is very classy.definately phone 4 young person. i bought it for sh 7400 here in kenya. thats 90 dollars.

  • sanjeeb patra

in security, i want to change my password and i forgot the old password what can i do? plz tell me.