Samsung C3300K Champ

Samsung C3300K Champ

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  • Anonymous

130 Euros is too costly for the features on offer. U can get the original Corby (S3650) or the Nokia 5230 for that price.

  • Anonymous

Message to Samsung can you release another Samsung C3300K Champ with WIFI in it, this would be a perfect model if it had WIFI in it, light weight and a good talktime.

  • Akash from nepal

Small than sony ericsson xperia x10 mini so,it will hit the markets because of credit card size like-samsung champ who carers too much extra feauters when they just love it

  • subzero

myname, 06 Jun 2010Samsung makes very much touchscreens.They also have great s... moreyes nokia is cool, you known why? becouse she is copying the style from sony,sam,moto and other

  • faha

1.3mp????????? oh come on samsung. atleast there should be a 2mp cam these dayx..

  • kim

this phone may cheap but it is awesome....y do we need xpensive touchscreens if there is a cheap one.....we don't need powerful features we just need to be connected by our love ones.....

  • myname

Samsung makes very much touchscreens.They also have great screens but they are so weak and nokia woooooooooo that is the brand you need,strong,cool features and evrithing you need

  • knightx

i think it is a cheap touchscreen hndphne that ive never seen and sony are so expensive to a poor people like me. If All of you are richman,plize get out from this forum.move to forum for richman like you

  • tan0306

Anonymous, 27 May 2010No Document view and QUERTY mode???This phone has QWERTY mode in the messaging screen. But the QWERTY buttons are so tiny, that's why it also comes with a stylus.

  • Anonymous

No Document view and QUERTY mode???

  • surendra pinisetty

phone looks good design itself excellent but 2.4 screen is not enough easily every one can go for corby same price 2.8 screen only one think with above phone is music will be good than corby.......

  • your mom

just imagine if all phones had the same specs and people can't choose whether or not they want a low end phone or a high end one. clearly, this phone is not meant to high end. so, what's the point of looking for high-end features?

  • Anonymous

Very small screen size compared to the mobile size

  • guess

....I mean with such a big screen size, it should have at least QVGA (320 x 240 pixel) video playback and recording...

SE Elm with only 2.2 inch screen size is capable of record and play VGA video (640 x 480 pixel), and its price is about EUR 150-160 here in Indonesia...

I really love the design and look of this Samsung Champ, but with the price about EUR 100 (as many sites mentioned), it should have more to attract today's coustomers as they have so many option...

  • guess

I fell in love with the design..

But knowing it only capable of playing and recording QCIF video (176 x 144 pixel) on 2.4 inch screen has broke my heart...

  • Anonymous

you get mobile for wat u samsung never let them down...

  • lj

KMY, 21 May 2010No wifi and no 3g realy poor. Its a shame that samsung let ... morewhy dont you buy something with wifi then. what is stopping you. why post here. we can also read spec list

  • Jack

KMY, 21 May 2010No wifi and no 3g realy poor. Its a shame that samsung let ... moreNot all phones need to match your preference or needs. Get over it, Samsungs awesome no matter what phone they make.

  • KMY

No wifi and no 3g realy poor. Its a shame that samsung let themselves down

  • Sunburn

I like it. It looks like a portable media player.