Samsung C3300K Champ

Samsung C3300K Champ

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  • KW

can't connect wifi....useless!

  • ss

Lots of unused space on the screen.
I meant the phone is big for the small screen.

  • Anonymous

What the hell. whata vodafone 541 copier! EWW! thats so ugly! that by far does not beat the corby

  • res

basic but boring!!!

  • :/

don't think it will be that good... don't like it that much... GALAXY S is still the King of Samsung Smart Phones... did i see a stylus? urgh :S

  • Anonymous

So funny the stand by time: 666h... why not 665 or 667? Have to be the exactly devil number?!?!?!?!

  • Anonymous

I have a feeling this isn't going to sell well. Phones at the same price without touch screen will have better features, which is what a budget phone is supposed to do.
Touch Phones which do nothing for everyone is pointless.

They've already got Corby. This is just a waste IMO. They should bring a cheaper android phone instead.

  • Anonymous

WOW no feature's what so ever what is this 2005.

  • bagas

Sure it has a stylus, I see it at the top left corner on the back view of this phone...

I think this phone is "OK" if it has QVGA video recording and playback (watching QCIF video on 2.4 inch screen would be a terrible experience)

  • Anonymous

its very cheap phone! i want to buy this phone.....i have a samsung star wifi and i want an extra phone

  • Anonymous

It has small screen = It has stylus pen

  • Anonymous

i agree its cheap touch not best phone ever so just compare it to wats in its range

  • Anonymous

ugly looking phone...

  • Jim

if you love this phone so much dear akash from nepal, i wonder what it is that makes you laugh out loud all the time.

  • Billy

Why this phone when there is already Corby and the ultra cheap Genova 3510 ????
Always same phone, Samsung wants shops to show only Samsung phones and have no place for other brands

  • Anonymous

Jack, 19 May 2010This phone will be very cheap people, and why do you underr... moreso true. people don't get the idea of "market segment" or "targeted marketing". LOL to all who say this mobile is worthless without even taking a look if it's worth the money you're gonna be paying for it.

  • Akash from nepal

Jack, 19 May 2010This phone will be very cheap people, and why do you underr... moreIt will sales more unit than your nokia n8,sony ericsson vivaz & satio lol it is for developing country lol

  • Akash from nepal

Anonymous, 19 May 20102.4" display is pathetic. need at least 2.6".It is resitivite with pen input why need 2.6" 2.4" is perfect for qvga with pen input lol

  • Jack

This phone will be very cheap people, and why do you underrate the phone so much, it wasn't supposed to be the best phone ever and compete with other modules like the Nokia N8 or the Sony Ericsson Vivaz or Satio. This phone is just a simple and basic phone for people who may not have the money or need all the other features on phones such as flash, 5mp + camera, hd video, big ass screen, etc. Use your mind not your ass people.

  • R@KEB

Realy nice phone