Samsung CEO issues formal apology to users over GOS scandal

Michail, 16 March 2022

Samsung VC and CEO Jong-Hee Han issued an official apology to Samsung users over the GOS app throttling fiasco during the company’s annual shareholders meeting. The chief executive admitted Samsung did not appreciate customer concerns and said Samsung will “listen to customers more closely to prevent such an issue from happening again”.

Samsung VC and CEO Jong-Hee Han
Samsung CEO Jong-Hee Han

To recap, Samsung’s Game Optimizations Service (GOS) comes pre-installed on the latest Galaxy S smartphones and tablets as well as some older flagship devices. The service should fine-tune system performance during gaming in a bid to extend battery life but was later found to throttle performance on up to 10,000 apps.

The matter was only made worse as users were not presented an option to disable GOS by default. In addition, GOS seemed to whitelist benchmarking apps like Geekbench from throttling. As a result, Geekbench banned the last four generations of Galaxy S flagships as well as the Galaxy Tab S8 series from its platform.

Samsung CEO issues formal apology to users over GOS

Samsung is already issuing a software update for the Galaxy S22 series in South Korea preventing CPU and GPU limitations resulting from GOS. A similar update is expected to arrive to older Galaxy S flagships and tablets.



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Which oppo are you using? I'm using the oppo F9 pro and it's mediocre for gaming. These phones seem to have a drop in camera performance as time goes on. It used to click amazing pics but now it's just okay

  • thefearfulsilence
  • 12 Apr 2022
  • 7$s

Absolutely. I've never tied myself down to one manufacturer and why should have to? The article itself says Samsung are paying the price, but what happens when customers have been shafted by Apple? If you have your handset on a contract then yo...

Samsung might be a large manufacturer of Android phones, but it is not the only one. And herein lies one of the major benefits of the Android ecosystem; if you don't like what one manufacturer does, go elsewhere. Whereas with Apple, you...

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