Samsung D500

Samsung D500

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  • Cadzo

Hi, can anyone help, I've had this phone for a while now and it's a great phone. One problem is the alarm tones. Can you download new ones to replace the 5 built in options as they drive me nuts and don't actually wake me up. Any advice welcome

  • cosycat

hi all, recently got this phone, great lil phone, but for some reason i cannot download any games to it, any help would be great, many thanks

  • Anonymous

Its a dead good phone an its got bluetooth, infared, an mp3 player which holds loadza songs-(good memory) its got an organizer an alarm, oh yeah the songs play out really load by the way or u can ajust the volume ha ha am just puttin all this coz sumtimes it duznt av it all up there lol its got a camera with flas an a video recorder with flash aswell but sum1 nicked mine so i dont no whether 2 get this 1 agen or the nokia 7370?

  • kim

can any one tell me a way to flash my media contents...........
also can anyone tell me wht does full reset do..........
i mean does it deletes all ur media contents or not

  • joe

hi 2 all! specially my friends! the samsung d500 is the best! you can do loads on it. like play games using java world, send sms messages, and you can take videos! i love it.

  • ferdinand

hi good day. im a user of samsung d500, the problem is , unlike Nokia its is hard to find or add any applications or themes to my cellphone. hope youll help me with regards to it. and one thing more i want to personalized my messages alert tones is it posible to do so? thanks you. and god bless

  • jemmy

hey after talking few minutes the call drop. does anyone know why is happening. please help.

  • kylie mitchell

its big its black and it just slides stright up lol

  • kylie and terri

wat can i say..... this is the best fone ever the d600 is just a wanna be. it makes u look like youve got style wen uve got this1 kylie: i have one myself and im ready 4 an upgrade and wen i do upgrade im just gonna get a brand new1 terri: terri has been saving her copper up for 1 of these and shes fineally there now yipeeeeeeeee!!!!!

  • ryan

what a fone it has everything,bluetooth,infrared,camera,and video for an hour, memory is brill

  • joe smith

i cannot get personnal photos to show up as a caller id; as well as designate a ring tone. how do i go about doin this

  • kevin

Excellent phone,small compact easy to use very good storage good camera i charge my battery once a week for moderate use A+++++++

  • john

mint phone shame about memory card i think it is the best phone out has allmost everything on it

  • wolt

hi. is the sliding mechanism stable on this phone. i mean does it become faulty after a certain period of usage?

  • dj12

hi. im usualy a flip phone user and want to change to a sliding phone like the d500 or d600. i just want to know wether the sliding mechanism would give problems after usage for about a year? given normal careful handling?

  • danny killoran

how to download mp3 ringtones from a cd to my phone because with the media player it isnt working? help!

  • Sandy

i was wondering if anyone can tell me, why the display picture dissapears on my phone??? I bought maybe 4 weeks ago, and it really boggles my mind... Please someone help...

  • Anonymous

About the usb cable u just need to right click on the item in file manager and then right click the ex get out to the music folder right click get out and then right click the music folder after that the upload sign would have lit up just click it then ur phone will upload it also the phone is great!!!! it has its faults but then no phone is perfect

  • Anonymous

thanks every one replied, and I did it and got myself d500 , its awsome. the display is really great, also the camera worth it.
but since i'm new to samsung, I'd like to ask about three things:
first how to stop charging from usb cable when using it?
second how to transfer files to and from the phone to the pc via usb?
third when i get a call i only have two options, accept or reject, how can i make it silence without rejecting the call?
thanks in advance

  • RIAZ

this phone is a super phone it has all the features it has every thing you are looking for in a phone i have a samsung d500 my self every one loves the samsung d500 my freinds also have samsung d500's its the most popular phone in the world it won the 2005 gsm awards so do the right thing and get your self a samsung d500 thank you