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  • Louise

i have just got my samsung d600.i installed the software so i cud connect the fone to the pc and when i connect them together, it sez on the fone that it is connected but it says on the pc that it is not connected.can anybody help as i would liketo put pics from my pc onto my fone and it is so frustrting lol.many thanks x

  • Upaul

Now guys I know that all of you are very confused , which phone to buy ? samsung d600 or nokia n90 or sony ericsson w800 . I have used all these phones , so I can tell you which phone is better .
1. Sony Ericsson W800/W810
2. Nokia N90 and Samsung D600 same
1.Samsung D600
2.Nokia N90
3.Sony Ericsson W800/W810
1.Samsung D600
2.Sony Ericsson W800/W810
3.Nokia N90
1.Nokia N90
2.Samsung D600
3.Sony Ericsson W800/W810
1.Samsung D600
2.Sony Ericsson W800
3.Nokia N90
Thats my point of view . Sony Ericsson W800 has the better camera but lacks in display and performance . Nokia N90 is an excellent phone but price is high . So Samsung d600 is the best set . I see lots of problems users of d600 have but it is the better phone . No phone is perfect .

  • Juan Pablo

ey im sure if i searched all 164 pages i would find da answer to my question but yeah by then a new phones would be out!!
i just wanna know if there is a program that converts video files into the accepted 3gp and mp4 formats? or is there any other formats that i can view on the phone.
every format that i have uploaded doesnt bloody work!! its frustrating!
i love the phone but hate this problem.. thanks.

  • EBAYer

To save the messages when sending, all you have to do is go to the menu before sending, and select "save and send", and the message will be saved.

  • Simon

This phone is wiked. The bst lookin phone the bst phone overall. If ur gonna buy a new phone this is the 1. Bst camera bst everythink!!!!!!!!!!

  • zanubia

i would like to know how to get music from my pc to my mp3 player on my phone.

  • @li

helo evry1
i wanted to ask if there is a way u can increase the phones speaker volume....and can u save messages in the outbox........if so how.........plzz hlp

  • Krunal S

It is a handsome phone !!!
It has all the features I was looking for in a phone.Awesome camera clarity , Gprs is amazing. TV out put is briliant. I do business over the phone
its really not that hard to imagine

  • JFM

Hi Candice.
I have read about your problem. the better thing you can do is unistall the software and do not connect the phone until you install the software again. If you already have music storaged on your PC, just open the correct program for it and where the toolbar is, there is a option asking for "open a music files", so just choose yours favorites songs of course, one by one and then in the samme toolbar, there is a phone icon what means to send the datas to your phone. Be sure the kind of music files you send to your phone.

  • JFM

Hi there...
I own a Samsung D600, and I can say that is one of the most good phone ever. Does not have any problems in conections, can very easy syncronize with my PC, the 2mp camera is excellent. Very nice design very light...I recommend this phone...

  • Candice

Hey there

I cant seem toload mp3s on my phone from the pc. I have installed the cd but not sure how to load the music on, please help.
Thanx (",)

  • sm8

Suprisingly enough i am asking this question but i have had the phone since october and there is only one thing i can't solve, when i load mp4/3gp videos from the pc to the phone via the software i have found if the video file is long or larger or from a site or a program it sometimes freezes, i dont no y because the other videos i have got all are large file sizes but the ones i have downloaded all are shorter in overall length, is this the problem if so let me no and any sloutions u got, thanks. ps BRILLIANT PHONE WON 2005-06 awards beats n70 w800i and w810 is exactly the same just bigger.

  • malvare1

Has anyone with cingular service been able to send multimedia (pictures, videos) msgs to other cingular customers. When I had the d500 I could not(not sure if it was because missing frequency "850". Wondering if this can be done with this new quad version of it.


  • JH

To C: The MP3 player on the D600 can do fast forward & backward rewind.

  • mj

leah, call ur service provider like if ur with optus ring 555 and ask them for ur unlocking code n stuff if not look in ur phone instruction manual

  • Leah

hey duz any1 no how 2 reset call timers at the end of each months contract coz mine keeps askin 4 a password n i dno wot password 2 use !!!

  • John

Love the phone just got it but have a bit of problem. For some reason when I sync Bluetooth to phone (OBEX) it doesn't detect what I have added such as .mp3 or my photos. The USB cord detects it just fine but I like to do everything wireless. Anyone knows whats the problem?

  • c

I heard the MP3 player on the D600 can't fast forward/ rewind. Is this true?

  • mick

to gwebber:
what do you mean by w800i has better mp3 because it can use ordinary 3.5mm headphones,so can samsung d600 you can purchase a 3.5mm jack plug just like w800i(i know cause thats what i am using now).
about the music format the d600 can play mp3,aac(isn't that what most people play any way)and regarding to t.v output resolution if you aren't useing a 102cm plasma tv then it's fine.(i look at it as a bonus)
i haven't heard you mentioned anything about the w800i 176x220 screen resolution compare to d600 320x240 qvga and the w800i 176x144 3gp video recording compare to d600 352x288 vhs mp4 recording. i appreciate you are makeing a comparison between the both handset but do it properly ,there are other people in this forums that are interest in buying the d600 handset don't mislead them.
the main things that the w800i has a adventage over the d600 is the camera,the w800i has auto focus which can take better picture in close up and it has a macro mode.apart from that they both takes nice quality pictures. above are just my opinion ...thanx

  • EBAYer

Thanks for that info, but it still doesnt work. The play via a/v headset is def. the way one would activate the AD2P profile to play on the Audi, but when the phone searches for Bluetooth devices to play the music; the Audi doesnt show up :-( .

Anybody know how to get an Audi to play music from the d600?