Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • Craciun Adrian

Hi there!
Can anyone tell me how do u take out the dictionary from the messege composer? It's really annoyng.
Great phone, excepting this.


  • daniel holm

standby 4 days!
amazing photos and videoshots in class with
many compact cameras.
only downside for me is the compability with mac for the usb.anyone know a solution?

  • joshua

NOpe you can't use MP3 files as SMS tone. You can only customiize the alarm tone & the ringtone but not the SMS tone. Can't really understand y samsung doesnt have this feature. Most people use SMS than make a call.
THe stereo speakers are better than W800i, dont believe that guy who said that it's worse. Only the headphone of SE is better because of d quality (D600 has an inferior headphone, yeah, it will always fall from your ear, but d sound is good). THe resolution is DEFINITELY better than any SE phone including W800. My old E730 is even better than K750i/W800i in terms of display. (They all have 176X220, 262K)D600 has 240X320 so u cud just imagine d differnce.
This phone is better than W800i overall. No question about it.

  • nazmul

Hi, I have recently bought this cell phone and I think its one of the best if not the best cell phones around. Samsung has really shown nokia and sony ericsson that they too can make world class cell phones. The camera, design, resolution.....everything is simply tunning and da best part is that u can connect it to a TV. The only complain I have is that the headphone it comes with is really poorly designed. Its heavy and falls from your ear all da time. Apart from that, Ill give this phone a 10/10

  • Hue

battery keeps about week in normal use, (~30min/day of talk, games, cam etc.)
nice phone

  • frank

Could anyone tell me if it is possible to set your own sound or music as ringtone for sms messages. I have not yet seen an answer to this question on this forum.

  • .::~ >SYD

hey im a samsung fan.had E700 nd luvd it.recently i bought SE W800i.very nice fone.and today bought be honest im shockd that i for one (being a samsung fan over d years) i personally think this fone is NOT better then W800i.d screen is bigger bt the colors r much more quality is worse then in W800i,even tho this has stereo speakers??
neways nice fone bt W800i is the BEST at the moment.go for lowered their improve the quality.buttons feel cheap.W800i buttons feel proper elegant and of good feel!!

  • samuel lartey

i'm a boy of 20 yars of age and comment to the d600 is that i friend of is using one and due to the functions that the phone i can't say away it, i'm taking this opportunity to thank the person who invent it because i'm dying to have one but i don't have the kind amount the shops are asking of please help me out because i'm dying out of not having one, God bless you.

  • Phil

I've got some battery problem with 2 successive D600e. The battery life is inferior at 12 hours in standby mode!!?
I've been told the fault is known and being investigated by Samsung but no solution known yet...

  • bezel

hallo the guys who made this phone the phone is very nice although i havent used it but from the day i saw it on the net i juss like fall in love with it.
keep the good work
bezel in zimbabwe

  • C

thank u foxistoxi :)

  • petia

Money for nothing.Standby 1 day .No comment.

  • foxistoxi

the default code or your privacy lock is eight zero's 00000000

  • c

i want to put a privicy lock on my messeges but i dont know the defult lock code. it askes for a password, hat is it?

  • Wolverine

Wen will the battery problem b fixed, what is the battry like whilst playing MP3's.

  • Ab

There is a known battery life problem with the phone, so wouldnt advise buying it until its fixed.

  • MEME

does ne1 no how 2 change ur message tones...

  • Tina

Hi Does Anyone know how to add your own ringtones to incomoning messages tone

  • Farrang

People people


you want lots of quirks, buy a PDA or notebook. I have this phone and its great at doing what its designed for. But is there any need to constantly talk about the same stuff ? if its such an issue then why not do proper research on your next purchase so there is no need complain here.

again - IT'S A PHONE !!! pretty cool phone none the less.

  • 1234

Thank Gore for internet >