Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • margaret

the password for d600 is 00000000. wen i switch my fone of to charge it i have to put password in wen i switch it back on again.

  • carloud

sir abdul rehman

it seems if you cant use 1234 or 0000 then you must get your phone reformatted the sad thing about that is you will lose all the data in there

but at least youll get to use the phone again hehe

sir benoit yes you can use camera mp3 while the phone is closed you can even access your messages while it is closed

almost all functions are accessible while the phone is closed ^_^

  • Benoit

I want to ask some questions about this phone
1. Does this phone works when keypad is hidden? Example mp3 player, Camera?
2.What about camera button. Does this button swith camera on by one click?

  • carloud

elo sirs does anyone know if it is possible to silence the camera shutter sound when taking pictures?

  • d600 :D

luv myn! got it quite a while ago still love it only jus worked out how to use the tv adaptin fingy its sik! lol bought a 1gb memory card last nyt off ebay lol should be here tomoro hopefully and we can see how tht goes great fone recomend it

  • carloud

elos sirs,

I would like to ask if there is a firmware which offers the ability to silence the camera sound

cause my d600, when taking, pics, is kinda slow and when camera shutter sound clicks without the fone being able to save yet thus resulting to people moving already thinking that the picture was actually taken already when it is not yet which results to blurry images

pls help any reply regarding this matter would be greatly apreicated cheers^_^

  • kloe

if you go into the sent messages folder, and click on the message you want to knoe when was sent, then at the very bottem of the message, it will say a time and date it was sent x

  • Noks

I have an sms in my sent box and want to see the date that it was sent, how do I that?

  • d600

man this fone well....

actually I already found my answer to my question why my fone records only at 7fps

because there's low light

the fone seems to have a hard time capturing video

I tried it in the morning just a little while ago

dang it the video fps and clarity boosted up to OH MY GOODNESS its tooooo gooood!!!!!!!

  • d600

what the??? what I poted didnt make any sense

my video capture framerate is only 7 fps as compared to what the video reviews here in gsm arena and mobile review

is there a way to make my video capture capture more frames?

  • d600

elo the video capture of your d600 fone?

mine isnt as good as what the reviewers in gsm arena and mobile review presented

it doesnt run at 15 fps

its more like 7 fps

video recording capture more frames per second? it run higher

  • missy

i am new to the whole moble thing
i was wondering were do you go if u
want to check how much credit u got?
can someone help me out

  • d600

i downloaded gmail onto my d600 but whenever i open the application the phone restarts itself. does anyone have this problem as well?

  • carloud

whoa using the smartmovie converter it indicates that d600 actually 25 fps of video capture

that's too good!!!!!!

  • ally

havent had any problems with my mobile, in the eve i put it on charge although it wasnt flat, the fone lit up and went off, when it is connected to thecharger it lights on and of, but its not actually on and when i pull it from charging it lights up then goes off

  • Anonymous

My D600 is great but I just wonder if its performance or speed would change if I change my memory card to 1G or 2G. I have a 512 memory card right now .

  • Anonymous

how can i get my pictures from my mobile on too the comp.. i have plugged the usb cable in and it does not connect :S

  • Anonymous

when someone phones me my mobile turns off.. the battery is rubbish i cant even listen to songs on the phone with out it saying "battery low" most useless phone i have ever had

  • phonExpert

I've just bought this thing and [wow] (i feel good)burst my mobile phone!!. The biggest pros are: good photos, good videos, good mp3, good screen, beautiful meniu graphic, marvelous design... However, there are some cons: there's no background function, there's impossible to set your own sms tone. So all i can say PROBABLY THE BEST PHONE EVER MADE!!! Big R5sp%ct


use gmail on ur phone as follows- - 1st of all,go to settings at ur gmail. . . .then do the settings in ur fone as suggest at gmail. . . .