Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • Ryan

There is no release date set yet.. But we know approximately when it will come out.. And it will be in 1 or 2 weeks.
It's very accurate and reliable information.

  • Bob

There is no release date set yet. Samsung will release when a) they are satisfied the phone is at acceptable quality (eg. the firmware) and b) it is an appropriate time to release the D510 and D600 so as to not prematurely kill their D500 sales. Many people are claiming release dates which are just made up, this is not helpful.

  • Bob

Street price should be around USD$390 equivalent although list price might be quite high. Be careful when you buy. Please buy from a shop rather than internet store! The local shop here has the D500 for $320.

The memory is approximately 88Mb, and it takes MicroSD or TransFlash cards to expand this memory.

  • Kai

hi, i live in germany and i wanna have this phone!!! when will it be on the german market and what will be the price??? how much mb has the "d600"??? if anybody knows, PLEASE TELL ME...i can't wait any longer...

  • slimberry

it still doesn't have Push to Talk function. Battery life is poor (if you are going to be using the MP3 and camera a lot.. which will be the main feature). Still not perfect...
but samsung always does this and they perposely leave out some functions for their next model. But I suppose it's the best phone in its catagory....

  • marcelo

hey i live in the netherlands and i wanna buy this phone ...but i also wanna know how much mb it has???? can somebody help me???plz

  • Helen

Hi guys, any idea how much it'd retail for roughly? Thanks

  • Bob

USD$750? Funny.

Sad if people actually pay that though (it's double the D500 price)

  • re_charge

2 MP camera???multimedia player???? 262K color TFT?? T-Flash memory??? 320x240 pixel??? dual speakers??? slide up models??? D600???? it's pretty cool!!!!

  • Mogge

Let us hope it will!

  • Ryan

I also asked the guy at Verizon at the mall today. And he said it will be out within 1 or 2 weeks too.
I'm So Excited !

  • Ryan

GUYS !!! BIG NEWS !!!!
This phone is coming out this month !!!
Probably next week or the next next week !!
This is a very very accurate information from the company that makes camera lense for the D600.
Some sites are stating it will come out on Tuesday.

  • ai

da best

  • yoo

I'm korean.. Always I am proud of using samsung phone blue black... but I will change this ... 2 mega camera???

  • Ecojunky

Does any one know if it has blue tooth voice activasion as the D500 has not

  • H S Dusanjh

Does this phone have the option to ring and vibrate at the same time like the Nokias?

  • Hardeep Singh Dusanj

I really like this phone it has more features than the d500. I will hopefully be getting this on my next upgrade. Any idea of a release date yet? I just wanted 2 know if you could select a ringtone as a SMS, MMS or E mail tone on this phone? This is a feature i would like to see in the near future for samsungs if possible, also i have a Samsung D500 (silver) i just wanted to know if it would be possible to get the language and gretting message setting for it? Thanx

  • Common

It's driving me nuts! I talked to this guy in a mobile-shop yesterday and he said it'll come out in 2 months, then another guy said it won't come out untill the end of 2005. What is it? Samsung should hurry!!! I want this phone!!!

  • rory

when is the actuall release date for the D600 in the uk coz i want 1 so bad

  • shyle

I just saw a samsund D600 on sale on ebay. Te seller has great feedback and seems to have real pictures.­category=98872&item=6404851747&rd=1