Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • Ryan

ofcourse it's better than D500 -_-
way better !!
the design (i think), camera , screen , bluetooth, and most importantly it has memory slot !!!! VERY VERY IMPORTANT

  • jim

do you think that the d600 is better than the d500?

  • Min

it is so not true that the D600 is being selled around the streets of Taiwan... I belive that this phone will be released in the next months

  • eastlondonG

its a good phone

  • ferdous

There's A little mistake.
IN thr information page it is said that it has no infrared port.i'm damn sure that it has infrared port.100% sure it has IRDA

  • Deyong

See D600 everywhere for sale in the street in HK or in Taiwan.

  • Steven


Where did you get this information from? The D600 isn't set to be released for another few months at the very least worldwide!

  • Ryan

what?? No.. this phone is releasing in 5 days in United States. I'm sure of it~!

  • Steven


This phone is not going to be released in the next five days. I can confirm this and guarantee it.


  • Ryan

thisn phone is releasing in 5 days !!!
this is a very accurate information !!!!!

  • Annie

i know this question i am about to ask has been asked so many times, it just seems like know actually knows. i was inquiring about the D500 in about march time and was told that i should wait for the D600 because it is better and the bluetooth actually works. i was told to wait about 6weeks, i rang up again after then and was told there was no such phone. i them tryed again in may and was told again that there was no such phone and if there is it wont be out til after july! does any for sure know when it is out or not? if so please let us all know im sure we are all waiting for this AMAZING phone.

  • Anonymous

Is this fone better than d500???????

  • Bob

There seem to be many instances of people offering this product for sale on the internet, all of which I've seen to date seem to be scams (including one which was posted on this discussion). Please be wary, anyone eager to be the first to own, please buy from a safe source.

Anyone by chance know if the D600 models will all be made in Korea, or in China also? Waiting for this to be released.

  • ana

hey guys its me ana i jusut wonna say that phone its the best hell with the rest

  • Hoang

no there are no mp3 ringtone you have to transfer them yourself homie

  • lee

it has no mp3 player

  • BoYwOnDeR

i went to the local 'the link', i asked the woman - (hu from listenin in on convos - nu nothin bout fones) wen the d600 and all i got was lank faces from every member of staff in the shop cant wait - looks gr8 but not s good as d500 - hopefully prices will b reasonable

  • trevor

the phone sounds good i have the d500 and im pleased with it the d600 seems not that different to the d500 except the camera is in a different place and it is 2 megapixel

  • David L

There no MP3 ringtones in this phone..