Samsung D600

Samsung D600

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  • ck

Just telling you otaku mobile people that samsung will develop mobile phones with carl zeiss lens and all sorts. but will be quite far away. you only impress at its time, if you see D600 at the end of 2005, it'd be just typical mobile phone. wonder how much it'd be when released and 6 month after.

  • ck

I am korean.
Samsung is from korea and samsung korea told its press that they will release D600 in overseas sometime around June 2005. Somehow D600 will be released in korea around 4-6 months later its release in overseas.

  • Jerome

I just want to say that I read on a french website that this phone may be released after summer, namely around September or October..
It's not an official statement but it seems pretty possible since there was no official report from Samsung so far..
If someone's got a precision on it...just send your precious piece of information.. Thanks

  • seb

What a great phone!!!!!!
It definitely worht a wait...
Hope it won't be too long yet..
This phone is just pure madness..

  • Mogge

The releasedate isn't really set yet. But it's probably coming out within the next few weeks, i'm looking forward to it too! Great phone!

  • fan

what is rezolution video clip. please ansver

  • Martijn


knows anybody when i can buy the phone in the netherlands. I hope yu can help me it's a super phone.



the guy who said his sister got the phone in South Africa 2 months ago is lying. i live in south africa and it is not out here yet. 2 weeks maybe.

  • Anonymous

it's not even out! how can we trust you for that? if it's really out, well, tell me what's the price for it. maybe it's a fake production that you see.

and kieran, it's 2MP, not 1.3 MP. u guys here try to read the specs of this phone thoroughly. if you din read it, wat does the specs' here for?

  • Anonymous

It is out in some countries. Trust me.

  • jess

i would really like one of these phones please someone tell me when its out in britain

  • kieran

does anybody no when this brilliant phone comes out in britain because im desprate to get it.and iv heard its only got 1.3 mega pixel

  • Anathaema

i, this phone is not even released ... check d500. i'm sure u'll find it very resembling to you sister's "d600" model

  • i

i really think its a great phone my sister bought it two months ago in South Africa. it really has great features. i recommend it. BUY IT!! its better than any Nokia phone even the coming ones wont bit this one. Thats if you want style. i might have to negotiate with my sister. SHE'S ONLY 18 AFTER ALL.

  • Ravi Kumar. K

What is da difference bet. D500 and D600. Which one is better to buy w.r.t quality and performance.

  • Anonymous

D600 is no doubt a brilliant handset.

  • Mr.gravy

i really love slide up phones BUT if someone says that she/he have this samsung phone the first thing that you put in your mind ITS EXPENSIVE!!!

  • Anonymous

this fone looks good and sounds good but wen is it too be realeased in the U.K?

  • Anonymous

im in california and i asked the guy at the cell store and he said in 2 weeks ... he says its import :)

  • Lewis

definately I had the same problem with the e720 had lousy sound quality both ways, I got 2 from Orange both phones were bad, and then I sent them each back and got one from O2 and that was also bad sound quality, leave them alone. Anyone who says they are clear sound has never owned a clear sounding phone Believe man!!