Samsung D700

Samsung D700

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  • KaZe

to mr. HaHa ?
check­­ html
D700 only has USB/IrDa interface.. no BT
You can't argue with

  • Anonymous

just an opnion
no offence.
the figures and spec you see are just the manufacturer spec. the real performance is still uncertain.

  • deji a.

please could you let me know the price for this product,Samsung D700.

thank you very seriously.


  • HaHa?

I mean it's your life style* ^_^ not like style... so i would buy D700 or z1010 not LG U8150

  • HaHa?

You can't really tell which is the best........

LG u8150 and SE z1010 have Video conference support.(i'll discuss this at the end of this comment plz)

Since LG U8150 doesn't have MMC it's not very active mp3 player. really 265k screen is for Video's not very different than 65k if you just use it for camera and ordinary stuff..

LG U8150 has 128X160 resolution D700 has 176X208 resolution Z1010 has 176X220 resolution. Better resolution, it is more likely to project better view. so LG U8150 doesn't seem to be very active phone....without a MMC or duo card slot

D700 z1010 have the card slots.

For Dimension U8150 96 x 50 x 22 mm
D700 89 x 49 x 23 mm
z1010 98 x 48 x 28 mm

Z1010 is the biggest.and D700 is the sleekest

And all of those three have Bluetooth.

D700 has Twisting screen that's thing other don't have. (if you like it)

If you see these researches, i wouldn't buy LG u8150 for sure.(b/c of no memory slot)

NOW back to Video Conference. IT's damn coolest feature in the world

But if you think carefully, it's not always good. it's good to see your boy/girl friend's face over the phone or your parents.... but depends on situation..

you can't go anywhere without noticing them...if they call you and say? hey where are you? can you show me? like that....problem of privacy...

Also when you are mad to each other.. it's weird to see faces of each other's while talking over the phone....

Sometimes, people need to be alone...but then not showing your face is wierd,too... while you have the Video Conference phone...

Anyway, it's your like for me..i would never buy video conference phone unless everyphone in the world have it..


hi. please tell my wich telephone is beter lg u8150 , samsung d700 or sony ericsson z1010.please

  • HaHa?

GSMArena plz update the following information~~~ D700 has BLUETOOTH

  • HaHa?

Second address is wrong

  • HaHa?

Don't Worry and Buy D700 (and MMC card for mp3 ^_^)


Go to these sites

Yes Bluetooth and also Hand Free speaker...damn beats me and everyone else !! woohoo!!!!~~~ SAMSUNG !!!

  • massal jose

I always love the samsung design ,slick,new,best technologie.but what a shame that european and asian brand make different choices .big example,
european one often give the feature to listen music or ,the bluetooth confort,
but the asian brand don't. at last with the D 700 we got the MP3 Player and this
is a major difference with the previous
mobiles ,and even I don't see the bluetooth ,this is good news .I only worry about the price .I read that the
different new technologies(single LCD interior mirror etc...would be a significant cut in cost) would probably allow new born cheaper mobiles .is it the
case for the D700 and what about the colours ,when will it be availa-
ble in BANGKOK where I live ?.

  • tony inyang

what the price for these hand set?

  • mxxm

it is very very good fon

  • Luong chi Kien

Wonderfull !

  • Francois

i am mad about this mobile can any body tell me if is came to Malta pls? thanks

  • .......match

yes "nokiasux" i really see the point.
64mb sharing is not sufficient for good mp3 player stockage. And 265k color screen is not very big deal to deal with..

Since LG U8150 has (128 x 160 pixels)resolution, and Samsung D700 has (176 x 208 pixels)resolution, Samsung D700 has more rooms to put color.(if you don't under stand a pixel is a room for a dot=as you see the windows resolution...higher resolution you get more accurate and clear screen)...

and since samsung D700 has bigger and better resolution. 65k will be no problem of projecting good quality screen.(bigger than v200)... i would buy D700 rather to buy LG U8150 ,, and little bit money saving for better MMC card also perfectly fits...

  • nokiasux

I would rather get Samsung D700 b/c it LG U8150 has only 64mb sharing...all stuff...
mp3? how could you use 64mb for good mp3 music stack...i bet you will be changing music all day long to listen the others.....

Samsung D700 has MMC card slot ...65k color?....but i bet you won't have to look at the screen all day long as it's not videoconferencing phone.....and D700 is a lot sleeker than LG U8150.....which is little failure b/c of no MMC card slot....i 'm sure this couldn've been real bomb...but no....just screen 256k...doesn't support the best fun mp3

  • Phil

Where in the USA can I get samsung d700 phone? Either online or retails store. Thanks.

  • Sketch

The daddy of all current clamshells:­8150-en.shtml

  • Sketch

So you want an ambitious phone?

LG U8150.

65K external screen, 256k!!! internal screen. 180 rota-cam, mp3, GPRS, MMS, Bluetooth, mpeg4, video & static capture, Java, Polyphony..... and 64mb of storage space built right in to the fucking phone.
Now that my friends; Is a phone you MUST own! :o) :o) :o)

  • akant

any idea how much it will cost?
how much do other similar samsung fones cost? plizz advise