Samsung D730

Samsung D730

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  • Anonymous

I had and loved that was the in phone back then!!!!!

  • DiO

Wow, a Symbian Samsung. Don't get to see those everyday...

  • Anonymous

can somebody tell me if the camera in this phone has auto-focus feature? e900 gives me hell in its pictures...

  • Anonymous

this rocks

  • Kal

Did you mean Video caller ID? I have D720 and NO, it does not have it.All you can assign is picture, mp3 or acc as ringtone and speed dial.

  • Anonymous

It doesn't have videocall, does it?

  • Xin

Is it a trouble phone?How much in RM?

  • lora

Can you upgrade the memory thankyou

  • Welly

I like this phone because it had Symbian OS and card slot, but there is external key/shorcut for mp3 like E730 or E770.
How can i play mp3 while this phone is closed??

  • nobody

its the best mobile i ever had!

  • buttmunch

it is not gonna be released in the uk coz it is pants lol

  • daemon

the d730 and d720 are already on samsung fun club uk so it looks like it wont be too long before its in our shops mmc micros are already on sale up to 512mb heres a review of da best phone ever­g_the_samsung_sghd730_1.html

  • sSs

Sorry, but I don't trust symbian. I have many friends with symbian phones, and they have a problem with the software. Only some Nokia models can have almost everything. And thats why I'm asking, is there samebody with this phone ? It is realy more possible, Opera and Excel will not work, no metter symbian !

  • Aki

It has symbian, so you can instal opera!

  • sSs

I saw, that internet explorer is xHTML - is it possible to install opera browser ?!?!

  • sSs

Do anybody knows, can I have MSExcel reader and editor on this phone !!!

  • noonecomplete

im just wondernin is the memory big enough to to songs & photos is it better than the E720 memory or the same or smaller?? plzzzzzzz answer meeeeeeeee

  • Anonymous

MMC Micro is the smallest memory card developed by samsung with faster processing than to any other memory card available in the market. This is the first time that samsung included it in a mobile phone.

  • Prom1

MMC Micro is NOT the same as miniSD; MicroSD is the same for TransFlash. MMC Micro is to compete with MicroSD=T-Flash=TransFlash; and MMC Micro is the newest standard of them all.

  • A

Is it possible to use themes that also are used for Nokia symbian phones? Do anyone know where it's possible to get themes for this phone?