Samsung D730

Samsung D730

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  • Mark

I have contacted Samsung UK and they have said that they're not planning on releasing this phone over here, which really annoys me as this phone is exactly what i want in being symbian but also having samsung's styling, oh well, guess i'm going Nokia.

  • n2o_spark

does this mean that this phone HAS upgradable memory then? so can increase it to put more music or photo's and stuff on?


  • awalapi

dus anyone kno how to add music onto this.. i am having so much trouble .. same with photos.. the add melody and add image icon always goes away when i connect my phone! =(

  • hanaa

i love da samsung D730, i have been looking at 4 like 1 week and now i noe its not released in australia!!!!! that is so not fair!
i cant wait till its released!!
dat phone is dat hottest phone ive ever seen!!(lol)
im dying 2 get it!!??
PLZZZZZ release it soon in australia PLZZZZ!

some people say u can buy it from ebay!!??? but i went der and there was nuthin!!

im neva ganno give up on dis phone & eventually it will come it!!
some people are already giving up!
i have advice 4 U" neva give up" giving up is like losing smething!!
ok BYE c ya!!

  • pragnesh­0/feature.jsp
Hey atlast its on the official site. French r the lucky ones 2 get this beauty first. Can't wait 4 its release in India.

  • Mark

Any news about launching of D730 in Pacific region. Many people waiting for D730 now.

  • chris

i think thats more than two memory card types lol!

  • NINJA1200

There are these 2 types of cards:
miniSD | RSmmc
microSD | microMMC

  • EsaSuuronen Finland/

MMC micro and RS-MMC is not same.
MMC micro and Mini SD is same.

  • daemon

is a mmc micro the same as rs mmc

  • Caz

Just returned E730 as the cancel button kept clicking and seemed to catch on the other buttons which are all close together - was I just unlucky and it was faulty or has anyone else had this issue!

  • stelian

great phone, I have it, very good looking; does anybody know if it has another, more powerfull battery?

  • kyo

this phone is already released in germany and will be released in italy,belgium,holland soon

  • J_Lo

This phone will never be released... iīve just forgoten him and looking forward sony W800. sad, but i just dont believe in it anymore

  • Dic

Look Cool
But is it support buletooth V1.2 with A2DP or not?
Can I use my buletooth handfree to listen the mp3?

  • daemon

is dere a diffrence between redeuced size mmc and mmc micro

  • Diner

this is the most beautiful symbian phone EVER! no? compare with n90 that is GIANT! this is small and beautiful