Samsung E251

Samsung E251

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  • mushahid

plz tell that is its music-player have equillaizer....???thanks

  • Ruzlan

TD, 13 Jul 2008whats the difference between E250 and E251????The only difference between SGH-E250 & E251 is that the new E251 has FM radio WITH RECORDING. But Samsung E250 has only Fm Radio.

  • Tilak

change camara pls
1.3 M P Camara instal in Samsung E251

  • Naveed

Superb, fantastic, excellent, really outstanding. It is available in Pakistan sice end june 2008. eye-cating design, slim and light weight, FM radio, SOS message, mobile tracker, Privacy lock(functions lock), good battery life, good sound quality,music player is good, FM radio is good, price is not too high, short, i find it a wonderful set.


Jacob, 28 Apr 2008I am a e250 user, i am having a probleming of having an ups... morewhen ur camera is running press volume button it will be soon fine dnt worry its nt a problem its actually a feature

  • TD

whats the difference between E250 and E251????

  • Devashish

Alex Gajano, 28 Feb 2008I have to admit the pictures for some reason simply do not ... moreHi bro! U mentioned u work 4 samsung, so pls consider revising the i450, aka the beat450 in india. it's seriously missing WiFi due to which NOKIA N81 get an upper hand.. Evrythng's f9 wid d E251.. Battery lasts for two days aftr extensvly usng EDGE, music. . Gr8 phone

  • Anonymous

is it a cdma phone

  • powerballs

The Samsung E250 is agenerall a good phone for basic to general users, we don't have the E251 here in Singapore. Identify your budget and your needs and you will find this phone offers more than what you can bargain for. For instance...Sony Ericsson does not supply bluetooth with entry phones till of late the T series. Nokia worst of all need not mention poor cam poor functions. The 6000 series doen not even have a external memory slot for what Samsung E250 has made for consumers. Im a Nokia user once for almost a decade but switch to Koreans because they are innovative and creative. I disagree with the batt life as mine last fro almost 5 days with around 2-3 hours of phone calls daily.

  • Mari

I agree, this phone's camera is so standerd it makes the Samsung M600 look GREAT!And the M600 is a silly phone!

  • dynamic_gsm

The diffrence between E250 and E251 :
- E251 have Fm Radio with RDS
- E251 inernal memory : 30MB (E250 : 12MB)
- E251 can save ( photo/video)directly to memory card .
- New color in E251.

  • Anonymous

this phone should be 1.3 mp, and better battary life

  • katty

coooooooooooooooooool phone......realy coooooooooooooooooool phone

  • sirnivas

comleted phone

  • hot

i am a samsung user ever sinced and i'm proud to say that samsung products are really excellent..! you can really trust the name..!

  • hot

i am a samsung user ever sinced and i'm proud to say that samsung products are really excellent..! you can really trust the name..!

  • ricky

guys... all i can say with this phone magnifico...........

  • james

I have been using E250 since January but the main problems I face are:1) that the battery just DIES within thirty minitues once you use music player or hands free. I spoke to the vendor and the sales person told em that they cannot do anything as the battery is a standard one 2)If you happen to happen to get disconnected during a conversation being recorded,there won't be anymore ring nor can u play music until you reboot or it automatially reboots. Any solution???

  • Jacob

I am a e250 user, i am having a probleming of having an upside down image shot from my cam as a result mistakingly pressing,i can seem to find my way out. please help me. please contact me via my email and give possible solution to this. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

although i have used only e250("reloaded", as was written on the packaging ) i think one can safely assume that this is a good phone.i have played complete movies converted from avi to 3gp format on the e250 and am quite happy with the performance and at this price range(rs.4500 to rs.5000)u get edge for internet access on pc and mp3. so 10/10 for samsung e250.