Samsung E251

Samsung E251

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  • Ahmed

The only difference is the RDS technology

  • Anonymous

The difference between e250 and e251 is that e251 has customize theme features just like that of the samsung g600.

  • fes_2006

It's just a revamped version of the E250, like the difference between the D900 and D900i but it would've been worthless calling it an E250i because everything is just the same.

  • Anonymous

can we use 1gb microsd on this fon?

  • Gerard

1 difference : Stereo FM Radio with RDS

  • nemo

its a new waelpaper to e250

  • Manono

its the same as e250 no difference

  • anonymous

im planning to buy a samsung phone. is this a good bet?

  • Anonymous

At least they could have given it a better camera like at least 2mpx. Hope d bluetooth works well with bluetooth pc ftp.

  • Anonymous

I want this fone, regardless of the very basic features. It's black and a slider. That's all i want for a secondary phone..

  • Anonymous

hey guyz im planning to buy dis handset..but am a little confused so plzz anwer my ques...

#1 has E-251 safe sliding...i mean most of da slinding phones have a problem that their screen turn in flap phone..ribbon is very plz tell me dat does dis phone has this prob..??
#2 what is its price??? in Pakistani currency plz...???

  • Faisel

HAH! Is that it, a new look but no improvements?

  • Alex Gajano

I have to admit the pictures for some reason simply do not do the handset justice. If you see it in person and get to hold it you'll notice it has a nicer finish. In fairness I should mention I work for Samsung :-).

  • gerard

it is the 2008 version of the e250.I wish it has downloadable themes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mohsin

Could any1 tell me abut the difference between E-250 and E-251?? i can't find any difference....

  • dodut the one

No !!! is very good !!! ...but is only for the " FRAIERI " ...!!! this phone is old E250 ....


Is this a joke? There are no difference between e250-e251.Will Samsung do it?

  • indy

yee -i'm no 1, bat this fone is last