Samsung E251

Samsung E251

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  • salman

this set is very beautiful and i use this set at 13 July 2010


divya, 04 Feb 2010i would like to know that is there any recording facility conti... moreSee u can set ur default memory for voice recorder as in memory card or in phone card. If u set as memory card u will get more than 15 minutes widening. This is my email id - Do reply. Ur's ................ Anoop

  • kamal kant

how can use internet with samsungE-251+Vodafone

  • Snow

i am using this phone for 1 year and was operating well. but now it is not working properly..its speaker is not working and also its call reject button is also not working on sliding up.
please tell me how to make my phone soon as possible..

  • promise

Samsung e251 .. i like the music productivity of the phone coming from its earphone .. much better than my phone lg that im using right know .. it is really pleasant .. but if the sound is coming from the handset .. it is quite dissapointing because of poor sound and very low volume even it is in the maximize level.. the camera is average because ofcourse its only vga .. i like also the design of the phone and it is easy to use .. i don't like the slider of this phone and most all the slider of samsung .. very poor slider .. thats the start of my problem using this phone and because of that problem the screen is blank .. i didn't use this phone today because im tired of going to repair shop again .. but overall the phone is really good.. just use it with care .. :]

  • Anonymous

im usin it frm last 2 years ...i met vid accidnt i was crashd badly bt my handset was zal gud.....

  • epol

may i ask. how long does it's battery last.? moreover, how long is its talking time?

  • frank

very nice phone.users friendly,exellent mp3 player,vga cam is much better than other vga cams..i just luv it

  • Anonymous, 11 Sep 2009how to use downloaded sounds/music for message tone.plz help!tnx

  • Alchris

I've been using this phone for almost a year now for my second number. My main number is actually in my SE P1i (a very nice smartphone). Yet, I like the MP3 player of E251 more than the other. HOWEVER, I just have one question:
Recently, my Sgh E251 has been very sensitive that whenever my fingers get near to its memory card slot, the screen display "Memory Card Removed". Afterwards, it becomes okay again. Could I ask anybody here what the problem is? How could I fix it?
Should I replace the memory card? Or is it the slot that has been damaged?

  • DriXz

Hi good day! i want to share to all of you guys that SAMSUNG E251 is the kind of model that very inconvinient for me! . i want u all guys to read my message thanks SAMSUNG!

  • max

This is a very good phone for it's price. With it's price, u can't expect a lot from it but it somehow exceeded my expectations. The mp3 is impeccable. The Cam may be VGA but it's got good display in spite the tagged resolution. Navigation is easy if you'd take time to learn it, I believe this relates to all first experiences with phones. I never had any problem with it. If you think this phone is crap, you probably have never used it or you got a lemon from e-bay or you don't study your phone at all. Unfortunately, a lot of people these days complain too much and mostly about the things they do not understand due to bad study habits. It's a shame, to think that God gave them a brain. : )

  • Anonymous

even it has a vga camera, pictures taken are comparitively better than other vga camera phones. its very stylish but slider becomes hard as we use it.

  • Panny Stripes

Faizzi, 23 Mar 2010Whats the samsung default security code? Does anyone know?The default password for Samsung handsets is 00000000(8 zeros) alternatively you can remove the sim card and dial the following code to reset it back the default: *2767*287# (may not work on all models), otherwise call the Samsung customer care on +27860726786. Good luck :)

  • fay

My phone does not read everything in my SD card and any pictures and files forwarded to me thru bluetooth. it's been like this for a month now. can anybody tell me what's the problem? helllppp!!!

  • Faizzi

Whats the samsung default security code? Does anyone know?

  • nolz

Anonymous, 11 Mar 2010how to open GPRS!!!thx..can anyone answer me/?? phone samsung and they will help

  • Anonymous

how to open GPRS!!!thx..can anyone answer me/??

  • Anonymous

how to open its gprs???

  • bond

awlad, 18 Feb 2010when i up the slide,the display become whiteI am also facing the same problem.
there might me a display problem,
i suggest you to repair your cell from the company.