Samsung E530

Samsung E530

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  • Cindy

Like what i saw on the net. Will be getting mine very soon.

  • stacey

anybody know how much is it? and can u go online with it ?

  • Alex

this fone is great i love the period counter good for my hormones!!And my boyfriend!!

  • Judith

All I can say is OH MY WORD!! That is awesome!!
I'm saving up to afford one for myself! I've had my phone for almost 4years and I reckon it's time for a change, and this is where I'm headed next!!!
Well done!!

  • Anonymous

grat one for the girls definately a must in the hand bag had mine two weeks well impressed

  • cj

TO XxsamxX

Hi u know where the display setting is right click with i then scroll down to what ever u want dowloaded pics or ur own favourite whatever but it only stays on for a few secs on the outerside(no way to change this) and permanetly on the inside obviously

  • XxsamxX

heyaz agen its sam. i seem 2 av jus sent da sme fng twice. yep i reali am blonde but cn sum1 help me plz on da prob i ad below...thnx.....agen, cyaz XxsamxX

  • XxSamxX(i'm a gal bt

i fnk dis fone is slammin but i dnt no how 2 set my own pics on da main display... i keep gettin these dog ones argh! can sum1 help me cz i reali wnt my own pics on da main display so i can see them al da tym. plz can u help me asap. thnx, xxsamxx

  • cj

Hi this is a good all round girly phone recommend it to any1 who's thinking bout getting it can any1 tell me how to get truetones(mp3's)from the comp to the phone and if theres a specific bluetooth thingy that this phone really works well with thanks battery life is awesome on this phone, sounds good,camera takes nice pics of i love the menu layout

  • sleekgurl

isa - yeah, the "women fing" which is called "LIFESTYLE" can be accessed via MENU - APPLICATIONS - LIFESTYLE.... there are a whole bunch of stuff in there..

  • sleekgurl

chocolate: of course u can, just select the song, options, than set as RINGTONE...

  • sleekgurl

This fone's my baby... luv it to bits... been using it for abt 9 months now and its off da hook...

lilhelpplz - To change to 3gp, u need to go to record video mode, then select the folder like icon to the left of the screen, then select SETTINGS, then change the RECORDING MODE from NORMAL to LIMIT FOR MESSAGE, then save and tha should change the format to 3gp. Hope that helps:-)

  • chocolate

can i noe if it can set mp3 tat u save in ur phone as the ringtone?

  • Isa

This phone is so good! i've got a lavender pink one.. i would have liked a pink one but got it in lavender pink. But anyway.. love mine!
i would like to know what's the "women life".. i don't know if mine has this function.. help plz.. thx! :)

  • Anelle

Yes, you should let it over night (while the phone it's closed) the first two-three times, to format the battery.

  • Anonymous

hi, i just recieved the phone today but have no clue how long to charge it for. apprently the first time needs to be quite a few hours. should i leave it overnight? does anybody know? x

  • Anelle

I have the blue one and it's awsome :D
I think it's the best phone ever! I just love it.

  • lilhelpplz

hi, i was wondering if it is possible to change the file format of the video you record. like can you change it from mp4 to 3gp?

  • -x- Muffin -x-

Yes I think that you should get the blue one because you are right, everyone does seem to have the pink one. I am gettin this phone for my birthday and I am gettin it in blue because I think blue is so much nicer! When I heard there was one in pink, I was so happy but the colour isn't pink!! It's burgundy!! Blue looks more stylish and different!! Now, I have heard that this phone has really bad reception, is this true? I hope not. x

  • Anonymous

i dont think you can, i wish it could stay on too