Samsung E530

Samsung E530

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  • Anonymous

come onnnn launch it!! im gong crazy i really want this phone! its totally awesome
i really really hope u launch it soon!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

just amazin!! i flipped out when i saw this phone!! how soon is ur "coming soon!"

  • Anonymous

abs. sexc fone! i luv it .. but want to kno the wieght n dem. i wuld sure buy this fone!

  • max

very cute looking phone. how soon do you think you'll have it?

  • top jonh

i will like to purchase your set. i have a store in africa and one in europe. i will like to fill my store so i will like to make deal with you.

  • justa


  • christine

could someone tell me what a women life function is? I have never heard of this function. Thnanks.

could you email me @

  • alexa

have you checked E500 availability status?
it's now cancelled. i hope it won't happen to this phone.

  • victor

Listen..SAMSUNG, Will this model really be rolled out? I have been waiting your E500, but it is still not presented. I'm afraid your E530 is also dead. I really want to buy a mobile for female, especially for my mom. Don't lie anymore samsung!!, i'm very disappointed.

  • alexa

avarage looking phone, but it has women life function.. which is a plus. i hope it comes out more than one color.