Samsung E530

Samsung E530

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  • jordan

hey when can we buy this phone??? its osm!!

  • Alejandro TATO

When arriving it? ahd what are going the cosT?

  • danniel

i like it...but if i don't know nothing about him...price i mean

  • hikmat

that's cool,... i like that... completed enough for the facility ... btw... how about the memory storage,....?

  • regular_dude

does anyone know how much memory this phone have???
and how much will be the strat price???

  • Deedee

From design, good, i dont know 'bout perform of this phone, to samsung: when will be this phone ready on market??

  • manu

does someone mail me the cost of this phone and where could I buy it?
thank you very much!!!!!!

  • Sandie

hi, i think this phone is really cool. dose any1 no when the phone will b out? cheers

  • shabs

I really want to know how can i buy a phone like this E530 i really love the features and all.

please email me with the answer

  • MANU

i loove this phone!!!
where could i buy it? and how much it costs?

  • Missy

O MY GOD...... it looks like the LG F2100. Do Samsung and LG use the same factory to make their phones????

  • mehwish

Seems like an attractive set,but i was wondering does it carry the same software like the other samsung's sets,coz i really dont like it,and if so can i change it after buying?

  • Ikkuh

I Love this phone!

  • karen

omg....da 1st time i look at this phone i like it so much...
can anyone jus sell launch this phone...
i wanted it so MUCH....
i love the color da design da funtion is quite good
and most of all i just can't keep my eyes off it..
anyway if the phone have already in market can sumone plz let me know k....


i wonder how much memory this phone has.,.,.

  • Shanice

what's the cost of this phone. IT's really nice and very attractive.

  • cherry

this phone is sooo cool the appearance grabbed my attention, it has all the things im looking 4 in a phone pls bring it to SA now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • jeroen

How much MB can you put on this phone?

  • Scott

I really like the looks of this phone. I wonder what carrier will come out with this phone, and what the price will be.

  • Sarah-J

I am really really lovin this phone!!!! bring it out soon.. was goin to buy the samsung d500 but i think i'll wait 4 this to come out!! hurry up :)