Samsung E530

Samsung E530

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  • Zac

I just bought it, it is great but iritating is that you can't change "i" shortcut ant can't change shortcut to "Photo"

  • flora

To be honest, I'm a bit disappointed with this phone. It's not as pretty as the adverts. It is a cute phone but just not as cute as expected. My first impression was that it's a bit chunky and the buttons are so big. But I've had it a few days and gotten use to it, starting to like my phone a bit better now.

Maybe I'm being really dumb, but I tried out all the settings and can't figure out how to

1) Keep on the analogue clock on the cover display for more than a few seconds.
2) Get rid of the time and date on the inside screen or make the font size smaller. It just looks ugly.
3) When you type in a number to dial, the font size is massive. How do you change the font size to something smaller?

I'm not being that stupid am I? I don't find this phone as user friendly as Nokia phones.

  • matt

i am a art designer,very nice,but the color has no harmony for mam & woman dress.

  • Shanice

I'm possed to be getting one tommorrow but i was woundaring if any oneelse has it on sims free?

  • karen bennett

got this phone last week sent it back a week later thought it was rubbish textin takes ages cant have your own message tone got to have a preset tune good

  • rudeboy

got the phone and selling verry nice off the hook

  • pinkgurl

Could somebody plz plz tell me how to download mp3 and realtones my phone says it doesnt support it but apparantly it does??

  • hayley

i currently have the d500 and am hating more and more each day!!! im thinking about getting this phone as it seems to have great features,look attractive and the bestest of all,its my fave colour-pink! does anybody know whether this is any better than the d500 or is it less quality? ya know wot i mean,wot r its stats? the pic/video/sound quality? let me know please.thanx xx

  • jay

i was wondering whether i need to install the woman's application as my phone do not have the feature.... can anyone enlighten me?

  • Phone's Downunder

Cute little phone but it's"Girls only"..!!even it's a bit big&heavy compare with the pre-loved T500 but it's better overall..!!for me,I'd go for the E730 coz it's universe model and it's better(1.3mps camera+Tri-bands+handfree+Black)and cost the same..!!I've used the E720 and it's perfect..!!
Hello Aussies..!!you have to wait for a while before the phone available in Oz(that's the way it's...Oz is very slow coz the phone market is not so great compares with the Asian market).The only way we get all the new models is buying it through Ebay Australia or if you have a connection with someone in HK(Tip:if you're going to buy things from Ebay,go to the most trustable sellers by studying their feedbacks&most importantly is"asking Q'tions before buying"....keep in mind,there're a lot of Scams on Ebay..!!Good luck..!!

  • DD4me2

I just bought this phone (pink version) and I totally love it. Just one question which was raised already. How do you get the picture on the external display to stay? Because after you close the phone it only stays on a few seconds and then dissapears, only leaving the top blue light text.
I love that analog clock and I want it to show permenantly in my external display.

  • Paloma


I went and search it in Spain but I can't find. Has this phone came out in Spain?

  • Anonymous

lovely, so cute phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

Can anyone please tell me how i download mp3 tones on this phone? I have tried it but it just says that this phone does not support this! Help!


  • Weefz

Yep, it's tri-band so it works in the US. Thinking of buying this phone coz it's so cute! But I really don't like pink. Hopefully the shop will have some blue ones left.

  • Pink_Kisses

Still absolutely loving my gorgeous pink phone! I see there have been a few posts about the analogue clock on the outside display...I have got mine on but after a couple of seconds it disappears and the digital clock comes back on. Is this usual? I'm wondering if perhaps there is some other setting that I've missed?

  • d_tea

Absolutely Gorg(eee)ous!!!
I love it. =] *hi5*
A few questions:
-Does any know where I can get one in Melbourne, Australia?
-Can you trust buying the phone through ebay?
-Why is Austrlia slow with it's technology?

A big "THANK YOU" to all who answer!

  • Jenny

I want to get this phone soo bad but i was wondering does anyone know does this phone work in the US?

Thanks in advance,

  • Playgirl

i love this phone its so funky !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! nd best of all PINK.............
luv bob

  • Shanice

Hi guys its my b-day to day im 12 Got seventy pounds and i will be getting the phone on saturday (In pink of course) its gonna cost 250 but its worth it CANT WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is the camera good quality?