Samsung E530

Samsung E530

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  • lisa

cool cute phone but i think im still gonna go 4 the samsung d500

  • Diana

When is it coming to the US? Or is it already in the US? I've tried looking for it everywhere online! I want to get it~

  • H

Does the phone work abroad

  • chrissy

it looks amazing, but is it fast to use?

  • Lincoln

Beautiful phone with perfect appearance and functions for women! Now I use the pink one but I prefer the orange.

  • katie

i fought i saw it in pink. is this the onli colour it comes in? is it out on t-mobile yet

  • Gordon

I saw the berry coloured Samsung E530 on Vodafone and O2 on the Phones 4u website, it's free on most contracts and they also have it for 249.99 SIM Free.

  • Clint Pinto

hey i just Love this phone and wouldn't mind buying one,i already have the K750i,but this baby looks the perfect gift to give to ya gal,i would love to know the pricing options and the payment methods to assisst me with the same.

  • Manda

Hey all, I'm after this gorgeous little beauty in either pink or purple(or blue, if anyone has seen a blue one!!). I live in Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia, so if anyone knows where I can get one and for how much I would love you 4va if you emailed me lol.Waiting for a reply, need this by July 31st, my birthday!!! PLEASE HELP!

  • cheryl

it is out on vodafone in phones 4 u at the mo in purple

  • Phoneamanic

This phone just arrived in Cambodia yesterday. I have saw it. More like a lady phone. Should me nice for my wife. They selling at USD340 but only one kine of colour. Too bad but it is cute and kind of kinky.....

  • pampam

It's finally out! WOOTNESS! Anyways, when will this fone be released in the Philippines? I want it so bad asdfghjkl~

  • jackson

hi all i"m using this phone from 1 month it has a very good look and lot of optionsin it and i brought for about 400$ from india

  • lynnie

can someone please tell me where i can find this fone in Melbourne, Australia??
I really like this fone.. its funky!

  • SP

I like this phone very much. I've been waiting it to arrive since March. Can anyone let me know whether this phone will reach Singapore? Thanks.

  • nadia

Hi all ! i've bought E530 some days ago in moscow airport for 380$, it is pink and has lots of options, but i still can't find out how to download mp3 from internet. if u can help email me pls. thx, bye!

  • Amanda

Hey I saw this gorgeous piece of technology a few months agao at 'Wow Sight and Sound' for $450, that was in about May, (and I live in Australia) and I am plesed to see this site states it costs $399.99, yet I would like to know where to get a pink one!!!!Please help if you live on the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia and u know where I can get one!! needed by end of june... thanx!

  • chantelle

i really want this but cant find out when it comes out and at what price plz email me asap if any 1 nos! thankz

  • chantelle

anyone know when its out on vodafone in uk?

  • cheryl

Fabby phone, cant wait it is out on o2 onm the 26th june