Samsung E770

Samsung E770

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  • Anonymous

I had this phone since it first came out and im still using it. its a classy looking fone but it can be boring sometimes. the screen is alittle to small !
the biggest problem with them mobile is the ringing tone volume ..if its in you bad its most likly you wont here it ring even on full volume. for me i alway get like 12-15 missed calls in one day.its really annoying!!

  • Naila

well its a very good & beautiful mobile.I m using this mobile since 3 years.It helped me 2 much so far.I m very satisfied with my mobile.I love my mobile very much.I suggest,that it shud b bought,becaz its really good & cooperative mobile.

  • Anonymous

well its a very good & beautiful mobile.I m using this mobile since 3 years.It helped me 2 much so far.I m very satisfied with my mobile.I love my mobile very much.I suggest,that it shud b bought,becaz its really good & cooperative mobile.

  • chandni

Its very nice looking mobile.I like it very much.I have been using this mobile sinc 2 years.The only problem I faced,it often hanged.May be due to memory card.It has beautiful tones & wallpapers as well.

  • Anonymous

I love this phone!!! I have had it for over 2 years now, and the only complaint I have is it's battery doesn't last very long, but meh. Sometimes if the phone stops working (wont let you call people or doesn't show new txt messages) try turing it off then back on.

  • Greg

This is a nice phone full of features. BUT it appears to a lemon as it is very unreliable and have major problem of overheating and rapid discharge of battery. Got 1 replacement handset within 1 week from Samsung & a 7 months later have same problems. Poor Quality Control and very poor Customer Service. Out of phone use for 6 months and no apology from a arrogant Samsung Australia. I won't recommend Samsung phones to anyone and will switch back to Nokia or other more reliable phone.

  • Anonymous

i go in the picture album an the phone just restarted an startup back but its not asking for pin and the power on screensaver is not coming off

  • remmko

Nice phone
but does anyone have this problem?:
if I go to the web browser the phone shuts down, and start again. So I can't access the browser!!!!!!:(:(:(
greet from holland:D

  • Sam Sung

In case of problem, there is a reset code which make return your phone to its initial state. But it will erase eveything you added (but not the preinstalled wallpapers and ringtones). I used the code once because for some reason the phone could not read the memory correctly, and it worked fine. Don't remember what it is but you could find it on an earlier post here. Or try google.

I just bought a cable for the TV out function, and video on TV looks really great. Video recording on this phone is very smooth and clear, better than any other Samsung phone, even new and expensive ones.

  • cathy

I have had this phone for a couple of years and really like it. However, when my phone rings the screen does not show me who is calling. How can I amend this. Thanks

  • Heather

anyone get an issue when they turn the phone off, and the "flash" lights up and wont turn off
If yes, any idea how to STOP that?

  • Super Trooper

Great little phone, better than many new 3Mpix phones. I bought some new phones, but always sold them and came back to use this one. For me, the only flaw is the soft ringtones. It should have an external HP.

  • Anonymous

hello can someone tell me if this fone has a
themes creator programme or something for personalisation or can i create my own skins .Thanks!!!!!!

  • farido

l have only one problem with this telephone,
whene I speak with somebody, the people who are near me, could hear all that we say,especially, what the other person says to me, It is not really discrete.
how could I regulate the sound of the conversation? !!! please heeeellllpppp thank you so much

  • Martin "Ace" Vosse

Great phone!!! Works absolutely fine. Like many others, I would also like the vibration to work with mp3 ringtones... On the other side: as long as I can call people, and people can call me I can live with(out) it ^^ When my subscription ends, I will end my relationship with this phone (awwww), but the next one will again be a Samsung!!! Greetz from Holland!!!

  • alex`beshk`petru

this is a super phone...i like very much.....very very.....

  • Willbettsy

I have had this fone 18 months, and its never let me down.
I love it, and im gona miss it.
Farewell my sweet sweet telephone.
i love you.

  • K.2da.I

This is one of the best phones ive ever had......its design is very slick,and performance is excellent!As i am a performing artist i am always using the camara & video options on my phone and the 1.3 mega pixels are doing me good...the only thing with this phone is the internal memory in a bit crap,all tho i have 1gb external memory its a job to transfer data,music etc.but all in all this is 1 of the best phones of its time!!!(this is ki signing out)peace and jah guide

  • westfind

Hi all,
To answer some of the doubt, E770 come with diff firmware according to which region you bought it. For some country they don't come with voice command ( talking clock ).
This phone is equip with VIBETONZ, so u have to download vibetone or make your own (vibetonz studio ).
& for those new user, please read the user manual before asking question !

  • greenskye

this phone rocks..i've owned one for a year and haven't regretted investing in it. only thing is it kinda moves a little slow wen accessing the media files but that's cool. the phone should've been quad band though. generally a great phone and has everything i need except radio and a good protective case.